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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ injury ends search for love; Chris Bukowski goes home

Chris Harrison hosts Bachelor in Paradise
Photo by Ari Perilstein

The fans of “Bachelor in Paradise” will have to agree that there is never a simple answer for searching for love on this show. Set in a beautiful area, all the remaining contestants should be focused on finding their soul mate, but don’t be too shocked that there is a detour as one person goes home because of pain. According to Reality Rewind on Monday, it is Chris Bukowski who goes home because of a knee injury.

This week on “Bachelor In Paradise” the remaining contestants are still recovering from a dramatic rose ceremony. The couples are really beginning to bond, but to their surprise, there is already a new contestant back at the house waiting for them.

With Marquel on a date with another woman, Michelle M. plans a romantic double date with her new crush, Robert, and blossoming couple Clare and Zack. Safe to say that Elise is elated when she receives a date card. It seems that Chris B. agrees to accompany her on a romantic overnight stay at the luxurious Hacienda Puerta Campeche. Before they leave, however, the excited bachelor sustains a bad injury that put their date and his time in paradise in jeopardy.

Marquel returns from his date and the man offers some charm as he is asked out yet again. Wasting no time, Marquel agrees and heads to the enchanting Edzna Ruins. The dates seen by the fans offer up romantic views and beautiful moments that are a hotbed for love.

Perhaps the night of the rose ceremony is the most surprising. The cast gathers at the glamorous Casa Palapa where six men will each hand out a rose, meaning two unlucky ladies will be sent home. The Epoch Times is reporting that Danielle Ronco and Elise Mosca are the two women who left the show, but not for the reasons viewers might suspect. Elise Mosca appears to be chasing Chris Bukowski as she pursues her focus of love even if that means she needs to leave paradise.

“Bachelor in Paradise” is seen on ABC every Monday night.

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