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‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Gossip starts catfight, bachelor goes on solo date

Chris Harrison hosts Bachelor in Paradise on ABC
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

The “Bachelor in Paradise” fans know there is never a dull moment between contestants looking for love in Mexico and frankly, it’s the best part of the show. According to TV Buddy on Monday, there is a major catfight on the upcoming episode and the reality stars get into it after a gossip seems to be heard by the wrong person.

The outspoken AshLee gets caught gossiping about Clare and viewers are getting a firsthand seat that offers up an epic confrontation. However it appears that some of the ladies forget they were in front of the gentlemen and showed their ugly side that leaves their suitors, Graham and Zack, with some serious concerns heading into the rose ceremony. With so much animosity between the women, the guys seem to take interest in how the women are acting. The moment everyone will remember is when one of the bachelors panics and runs out of the rose ceremony just as his name is being called. His suitor and the rest of the contestants are left in shock.

Kalon McMahon will be part of reality show history on Monday night too. For the first time in “Bachelor in Paradise” history, the new bachelor decides to go on the date alone after his invitation is declined. He heads to the beautiful Cenote Maya in the Yucatan for a lonely day of rappelling and swimming.

The opportunity to find love in “Bachelor in Paradise” seems to be only a rose away. However, some of the contestants are so desperate that they seem to be their own enemy when it comes to offering their heart.

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