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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ films in Tulum, Mexico? Casa Palapa is viewer's paradise

Andi Dorfman missed Bachelor in Paradise but other rejected contestants will be there
Andi Dorfman missed Bachelor in Paradise but other rejected contestants will be there
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The fans of “Bachelor in Paradise” are ready to see the single and ready to mingle contestants do their best to find love. The premiere of this ABC reality show is more exciting than Juan Pablo getting kicked to the curb by Andi Dorfman (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.) According to the Washington Post on Monday, the rejected bachelors and bachelorettes are taken to a romantic deserted island to see what kind of connections are made.

Viewers might appreciate seeing all the contestants looking for love, but the romantic getaway introduced to America is definitely worth noting. The show was produced in Tulum, Mexico which looks to be a romantic getaway that viewers will want to experience firsthand. The beautiful surroundings offer stunning views, a romantic vibe and an exotic feel that hasn’t been felt before. Calling the “Bachelor in Paradise” location Casa Palapa, viewers will agree this would be a great place to call home, even if it is only a filming location.

As fans watch the show, the culture of the community will definitely be felt. According to the set designer over 250 Mexican blankets were used to build the set. Looking to give it a rustic feel while still offering up a romantic set for the “Bachelor” franchise, the idea was to put together a place that the contestants and the viewers would be comfortable with. Quickly put together, the entire set for “Bachelor in Paradise took less than two weeks to put together as the filming schedule was done right after the “Bachelorette” was finished.

So how big is the set of the “Bachelor in Paradise”? Apparently, this is no small island as it was five football fields wide. Most of the furniture was built on location with pieces of driftwood and other items found in the area used to complete the rustic look found on set. Since the ocean is only steps from most of the areas seen on the show, there will be plenty views of the Pacific Ocean to admire too.

“Bachelor in Paradise” premieres on Monday night. And if you can't wait until then, check out the resort pictures before "Bachelor in Paradise" arrived to see the exotic views the viewers are going to be seeing.