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'Bachelor in Paradise': Episode 6 recap

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
Photo by Jesse Grant

Tonight, Sep. 1, “Bachelor in Paradise” picked up after the last Rose Ceremony. Michelle was excited to receive a rose from Cody, but she was nervous he told her he was falling in love with her. She talked to him and asked if they could slow things down and work on forming a friendship first. Cody agreed, but he worried, since he knew his feelings were real.

When the group got back to their rooms, a date card was waiting. It instructed Marcus to “choose a Lacy” to go on the date with him, and the two of them headed off the next morning for their date. They climbed down into a cave and went swimming through the cave, which also featured bats. Marcus and Lacy made it out of the cave and shared drinks. Lacy told Marcus she was on the same page he was and was falling in love with him.

Michelle talked to Jesse about her situation with Cody. She said she felt very overwhelmed and didn’t want to call it off, but things were moving very fast with Cody. After hearing her out, Jesse thought Michelle should call it off.

Robert and Sarah were getting along very well and spent plenty of time making out in the ocean. Brooks, who Sarah had hoped would come to paradise, showed up with a date card. Zack and Robert took Brooks aside to fill him in on what was going on, and Robert strongly discouraged Brooks from asking Sarah to go on the date with him. Sarah told Graham and Jackie she wanted to go on a date with Brooks and worried what the guys were telling him.

Brooks asked Jackie on the dinner date with him, and Sarah was disappointed she didn’t have the opportunity. She liked that Robert was being territorial, but all she could think about was Brooks.

Brooks and Jackie went to dinner at Casa Banana, and Brooks quickly started to like Jackie. Jackie felt she was in a tough spot, since she wasn’t sure if she should be pursuing things with Brooks after accepting Zack’s rose. Brooks and Jackie started up a foos ball game at the restaurant after they finished dinner, and Jackie won.

Sarah received a note from Robert on her bed, asking her to meet him on the beach. She went down to talk to him, and they shared wine and talked. Robert and Sarah talked about what they might do once the show ended, and Robert said he wanted to take Sarah on dates. She agreed and said it would be nice to continue things in the real world. To the camera, she said Brooks being there helped her see what she had with Robert.

Michelle and Cody also talked on the beach about going at a slower pace. Cody explained that he was just being honest. Michelle said it was important for her to have a solid foundation with someone and told Cody she adored him and loved how open he had been with her, but she was scared.

Christy and Michelle talked, and Christy found out Jesse had fooled around with Lucy before she left. Christy was ready to leave, since there weren’t any guys left for her. Tasos, from Andi’s season, arrived and announced he had a date card. He asked Michelle to talk, and she told him he should ask Christy on the date. Tasos asked Christy on the date, and she agreed to go.

Tasos and Christy went for a boat ride. They hopped into the water and floated down the lazy river together before sharing some snacks. Tasos told Christy all he could think about was kissing her, but he wanted her to feel comfortable, so he did not.

Brooks and Jackie played “Horse” on the beach. Zack watched them and felt frustrated…until he received a date card later on. He invited Jackie to go along with him, and she rushed off to get ready. AshLee went off about Graham not receiving a date card – she felt irritated and wanted him to have the best experience possible.

Zack and Jackie went swimming through a cave. Afterward, they sat around and talked. Jackie was excited that Zack had chosen her and shown interest, whereas other guys had chosen her by default. They kissed and danced inside the cave, and Jackie said it might just have been her favorite date.

Before the Rose Ceremony, the guys on the line had conversations to try and secure their spots. Zack gave Jackie a bracelet, and the two kissed, but they returned to the rest of the group pretty quickly. Brooks took Jackie aside to tell her that she may have seemed like the best option, but she was actually the best option for him. He painted her nails, which they had apparently promised each other to do.

Christy told Tasos she felt differently about him than Jesse and wanted to take things slowly. Jesse also took a turn talking to Christy, who said she didn’t want things between them to go any further. Jesse said he wouldn’t drag it out and would walk away. He even said it was his fault for not making Christy open up before making a speech to the other guys about leaving. Michelle and Lacy were very upset by all of this and encouraged Christy to confront Jesse.

Christy went to talk to Jesse, who was in the car waiting to leave. Christy told Jesse he was leaving because he wasn’t going to get a rose at the Rose Ceremony. Jesse said he got what he wanted and wasn’t being a coward. Lacy and Michelle joined the conversation and told Jesse he did say negative things about what he did with girls there. After they spoke their pieces, Jesse left.

At the Rose Ceremony, Lacy gave her rose to Marcus, AshLee gave her rose to Graham, Sarah gave hers to Robert, and Michelle gave hers to Cody. Christy gave her rose to Tasos, leaving Jackie to make the final choice of the night. She wound up giving her rose to Zack, which meant Brooks was heading home. He was disappointed and wished he would have arrived sooner.

Chris Harrison showed up and told everyone this was the last Rose Ceremony. He said there would be no more date cards, no more new arrivals, and everything was about to change.

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