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'Bachelor in Paradise': Episode 5 recap

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
Photo by Jesse Grant

Tonight, Aug. 26, “Bachelor in Paradise” picked up its two-night event immediately following last night’s “To Be Continued” cliffhanger at the Rose Ceremony. Graham walked out just as AshLee called his name to give him a rose, so Michelle went after him. Graham was covered in sweat and asked to see a medic. Michelle got Graham water while AshLee stood back with the others, holding a rose like a fool.

The two of them returned, and AshLee once again offered Graham the rose, which he accepted. Lacy walked out and said she was going to throw up, so Marcus went after her. Lacy got into an ambulance, and Marcus stayed with her and rode along.

Chris Harrison told everyone they would continue without Lacy and Marcus, and Michelle then offered Cody her rose. Sarah gave her rose to Robert, and Jackie offered Jesse her rose. That left Kalon and Marquel as the two heading home.

Christy, from Juan Pablo’s season, arrived with a date card. Sarah talked to her about who she wanted to go on the date with, and Christy said she wanted to ask Zack. Sarah told her Zack and Clare were already together, but Christy went to offer Zack the date anyway. Zack was hesitant and talked to Clare about it, telling her he turned Christy down.

Sarah then took Christy to meet Jesse, who agreed to go on the date with her. They walked through a small town and tried some chocolate and tequila. After that, the two sat down to talk about their past relationships.

Sarah got another date card and invited Robert to go along with her. They went to dinner and then awkwardly cuddled in a hot tub afterward as Sarah anxiously waited for a kiss. Robert finally went for it, and boy, was Sarah excited.

Cody and Michelle bonded – he did push-ups with her and painted her toes. Cody even told Michelle he was falling fast for her. Michelle was nervous about how fast things were going.

Christy and Jesse returned from their date, and Christy wanted to have fun and get wasted. The two of them went off on their own and kissed. Zack regretted not going on the date with Christy, since she was fun, while his relationship with Clare was intense and serious. Zack told Clare he wasn’t sure if the relationship with her was the right thing to do because it got so intense so quickly. Clare explained that you’re either into it or not and then said she was going to bed.

Clare was first crying in the bathroom before taking off into the jungle and sobbing some more, obviously to a producer. (They made it look like she was talking to her good old friend, the raccoon). Michelle talked to Clare, who said she was leaving. She explained she didn’t go there for the drama and went there for “that,” gesturing to Marcus and Lacy sleeping in bed together. Clare went to wake up Zack, who was in a deep sleep. She asked him to talk and told him she thought they were good and on the same page, but their conversation brought up red flags. Clare said she wanted to listen to her gut and thought it was best if she went home. Zack said he went there wanting to give them a legitimate shot and their time together was unbelievable. Clare had to blow her nose, so she got up and said her good-byes. Zack walked her out, and off she went, saying this was why she just wanted to do “Dancing with the Stars.”

The next morning, Lucy, also from Juan Pablo’s season, came frolicking down the beach. After walking around naked, she asked Jesse on a date. The two of them went to the ruins.

Michelle received a date card of her own and immediately asked Cody. Their date was an awkward engagement photo shoot. (Makes sense for people who have known each other three days). Michelle went to change into her next outfit and freaked out when a wedding dress was waiting for her. Naturally, Michelle hopped right into that wedding dress and went back out to the beach by Cody.

AshLee received a date card and asked Graham to join her. The two of them went to Cancun and drove race cars.

Christy was disappointed that no one wanted to drink the free booze and that most of the guys were taken. Marcus and Lacy went off alone together on the beach, and Marcus told her he loved her. Lucy and Jesse made out and returned from their date, and Jesse handed shots and drinks out to everyone. Jesse and Christy started going at it in bed, and Lucy walked in to join them.

Before the Rose Ceremony, Chris Harrison reminded everyone that Clare left angry and heartbroken. Zack talked to Jackie, who wanted to make it clear she was no longer interested in Jesse after his late night shenanigans. Jesse and Christy talked alone, and she said she didn’t want to spend time with anyone else. Sensing she was in jeopardy, Lucy told Jesse that Christy thought it was her who climbed into her bed the night before, until she felt a beard.

Then, it was time to hand roses out. Robert gave his rose to Sarah, Graham gave his to AshLee, Cody offered Michelle his rose, and Marcus’ went to Lacy, only after he made a lengthy speech about how much he loved her. Zack wound up giving his rose to Jackie, and Jesse gave his to Christy. Lucy was bummed, but she also felt sad for Christy, since Jesse was a jerk.

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