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'Bachelor in Paradise': Episode 4 recap

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
Photo by Jesse Grant

Michelle and the others were all very surprised and happy after Chris and Elise left the show together and he offered Michelle his rose to start “Bachelor in Paradise” tonight, Aug. 25. The group made their way back to their rooms, where a date card was waiting for Robert. He asked Sarah to go on the date with him, and she agreed to go.

Graham took off to comfort Michelle, who had gone into the bathroom to cry. She told him she felt alone and stupid. Graham told her there were so many people in the world who wanted to take her out, but Michelle was skeptical and overly emotional.

The next morning, Michelle did Sarah’s hair for her date with Robert. Michelle told Sarah she felt rejected, which wasn’t the slightest bit awkward, given Robert gave his rose to Sarah over Michelle.

Robert and Sarah went out on a yacht for their date. They jumped in the ocean for a swim and some snorkeling.

Meanwhile, Michelle continued to tell everyone she felt rejected and like a loser. Cody, from Andi’s season, came strutting up the beach with a date card. He immediately asked Clare to go on a date with him. She asked if they could go on a walk, and Cody explained that she was one of his favorites during her season.

Clare said she was flattered, but she was starting a relationship with Zack. Cody continued to pressure her to go on the date, so she said she just needed to talk to Zack. Zack said he wasn’t a jealous guy and wouldn’t be upset if she went on a date. Clare asked what Zack would do, and he said it would depend on the girl, which was not the right answer for Clare. She didn’t want a man who didn’t know what he wanted.

Zack was pretty bummed and talked to Graham. He didn’t know what Clare was going to do, but he hoped it worked out. Clare went back to Cody, who told Clare she was the reason he was there. Cody continued to butter Clare up with compliments, but Clare said she couldn’t go on a date with Cody. She didn’t want to set something back that could be amazing.

Cody talked to Marcus and wasn’t sure who to ask on the date instead. Marcus explained how things worked and how important the date was. Eventually, Cody gave his date card to Marcus to use instead, since he really only wanted to go on a date with Clare. Cody wanted to get to know other people in the house. Marcus then asked Lacy to go on the date. The others were all very impressed by Cody, and Clare hoped she made the right decision.

Marcus and Lacy went to a local restaurant for dinner. Marcus told Lacy he was smitten with her. Lacy told Marcus not to be afraid or hold back, and he rambled on for a bit and accidentally said he loved her for who she was. Lacy couldn’t muster up the courage to say it back.

Zach and Clare talked privately. He said he felt nauseous after they talked earlier and wanted to keep things going. Zack added he was on the same page as Clare. He sensed Clare hesitating and didn’t think she believed him. They talked a bit more, and that was enough for Clare.

Michelle told Cody she was a loser and had only been on one date. She could tell he was still there for Clare, so she hoped someone else who was interested in her would show up. Then, Kalon walked up and greeted everyone. Michelle was certainly not happy or hopeful and didn’t want to spend any time with Kalon. Naturally, Kalon asked Michelle on a date, and she accepted. In his one-on-one with the camera, Kalon said many inappropriate things about Michelle.

The next day, Michelle talked to Kalon about the baggage joke he made about Emily during her season of “The Bachelorette.” He explained he didn’t have a connection with Emily, and it was water under the bridge. Michelle declined the date, leaving Kalon to ask someone else instead. Kalon asked Jackie, and she turned him down. She walked away and left Sarah tanning alone, so Kalon went back over by Sarah. She played it off like she felt bad for him and said she really hit it off with Robert the day before.

Kalon then chose to go on the date alone. He headed over to Cenote Maya and went spelunking down into a cave. Jackie told the others he went on a date alone, and everyone had a good laugh. In the meantime, Kalon talked to himself and swam inside the cave.

Jesse Kovacs was the next guy to walk up the beach with a date card in hand. He took his shirt off and got to know everyone before asking Jackie to go on a date. She agreed to go, and Marquel was not happy.

Jesse and Jackie went walking through a cave to their dinner spot. Jesse started babbling on about how beautiful Jackie looked and how he had a good vibe about her. Jackie wondered if Jesse was strategizing to try and get a rose the next day, and he fumbled his way through his answer: he thought about giving the date card away, but he decided not to so he could spend the time with Jackie. The two received a private concert from Andrew Ripp in the cave and awkwardly danced together.

Back on the beach, the group gave each other back massages, so Michelle suggested Cody give her a massage. She was quite pleased with the result.

Clare told Cody she and Zack were going to see where things would go. Cody again asked if that meant he had no chance with Clare, and she told him she was interested in Zack. AshLee started asking Zack a lot of questions about Clare and his intentions. She even made comments about Clare and Juan Pablo in the ocean and was immediately concerned about the camera placement, since there was one directly on her and Zack. AshLee then ran around telling the others what she said, and Lacy told Clare.

Clare was livid and told Michelle what happened. AshLee walked into the room, and Clare asked her to talk later. Clare was mad Zack didn’t stand up for her, and he said the whole thing put a bad taste in his mouth. Later on, Clare and AshLee talked. AshLee said she wanted to do whatever she could to make it right, and Clare told her they weren’t friends. AshLee apologized, but Clare said it was tacky and tasteless and refused to “hug it out.”

Chris Harrison greeted everyone for the Rose Ceremony. Michelle and Cody talked, and Cody told Michelle he liked her and felt good around her, which she agreed with. They kissed. Michelle then filled Graham in on the drama between AshLee and Clare. Graham wasn’t sure he wanted to continue on with AshLee.

Finally, it was time to hand roses out. Lacy gave her rose to Marcus, Clare gave hers to Zack, and AshLee offered hers to Graham, who walked out, saying he needed a second. “To Be Continued” appeared on the screen, and they didn’t show what happened to finish out the Rose Ceremony.

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