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'Bachelor in Paradise': Episode 3 recap

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
Photo by Jesse Grant

Tonight, Aug. 18, “Bachelor in Paradise” picked up after the last Rose Ceremony. The whole group didn’t like how Elise handled the situation with Dylan. Elise decided Dylan wasn’t the man she thought he was and was ready to move forward with Chris.

Danielle, from Juan Pablo’s season, showed up and was waiting for everyone when they got back. She had a date card and was hesitant to ask someone on a date. Michelle encouraged her to ask the person she was thinking of, so Danielle went for it…and asked Marquel. He agreed, and the two went to talk.

The next morning, Michelle told Graham and then Clare that she felt she messed up by not giving Robert her rose the night before. Clare assured Michelle that she and Robert clearly had something.

Elise received a date card and asked Chris on the date. On his way to get ready, he somehow messed his knee up and even had to have a medic come and check it out. They wrapped it in ice, but he managed to go off on the date.

Marquel and Danielle flew across Mexico to Campeche for their date. They went exploring before going for a swim. Danielle admitted she knew of Marquel and hoped he would be there. They talked for a while until the weather started to change, when they ran out of the pool and were nearly struck by lightning.

Clare and Michelle continued to talk about Michelle’s situation with Robert. The two planned to have a double date with Zach and Robert later on. As they got ready, Sarah walked up and asked what she missed. Michelle told her she was planning a double date with Robert and said she wanted to be honest with Sarah. Michelle also said she didn’t want Sarah to hold back and said she should still do what she wanted with Robert. Sarah thanked her but still felt upset.

Elise and Chris also flew to Campeche. They shared dinner and talked. Elise quickly changed her tone and acted as if it was Chris who made her feelings for Dylan change. They received a card for each of them with keys to their rooms, and Chris immediately hinted he wanted to share a room instead. They went for a swim, and Chris told Elise he just wanted to go up to the suite.

Clare and Michelle brought Zach and Robert drinks. Michelle told Robert that when Marquel got home, she was going to tell him she didn’t see a future with him. Meanwhile, Sarah was pretty bummed and told Lacy she was over it and felt bad because everyone else was in a couple.

Danielle and Marquel returned from their date and sat around the fire with the others. Just as everyone was feeling comfortable, Jackie, from Sean’s season came strutting up the beach. Jackie tried to ask who was paired up, and Michelle told her to just pick. Naturally, Jackie asked Marquel, who agreed to go on the date.

The next morning, Jackie and Marquel hopped on an airplane and were off to explore the ruins in Campeche. Marquel told Jackie it had been the best date. He wondered why she chose him, and she said he was very welcoming, and they clicked. Marquel awkwardly told Jackie he didn’t normally kiss on the first date, but he was going for it. She also said she didn’t kiss on the first date, but they kissed anyway.

Graham told Michelle about how serious AshLee was acting with their relationship when they hadn’t even been on a date yet. Sure enough, AshLee received a date card and promptly asked Graham to join her.

Marcus and Lacy went off alone and swam. Marcus was fully ready to give his rose to Lacy, and she told the camera she felt like she had known him forever. She admitted she was falling for Marcus.

Chris and Elise stopped at the hospital on their way back to the house. Elise took it upon herself to continue caring for Chris, “her man.” Sarah warned Elise about how hot things were with Dylan and now how hot things were with her and Chris right away. Elise didn’t understand or agree with Sarah at all.

Clare struggled with the 10-year anniversary of her father’s passing. Zach comforted her and talked to her alone outside. A large turtle came wandering up the beach, and Clare took that as a sign her dad was with her and they should try something new.

AshLee and Grant also went to Campeche, and she wasted no time in talking like a creepy stalker. Graham joked about AshLee’s breakdown earlier and explained he just wanted to have a great time. They received their own card with the two room keys, and Graham planned to sleep in separate rooms. AshLee’s mind was elsewhere, as she danced around and eventually kissed Graham. In the end, they went to their own separate rooms.

Before the Rose Ceremony, everyone mingled around and tried to have last-minute talks to solidify roses. Robert talked to Sarah and Michelle, and Marquel talked to Danielle and Jackie, since they were the four up on the chopping block.

During the Rose Ceremony, Graham gave his rose to AshLee, Zach gave his to Clare, and Marcus gave his to Lacy. Marquel ended up giving his rose to Jackie, and Danielle was visibly devastated. Robert offered his rose to Sarah, and Michelle immediately burst into tears. Chris told Elise he made him feel like he had never felt before, but he couldn’t give her the rose. He said he was going home and wanted her to go home with him. She accepted. Chris then offered his rose to Michelle, since he felt she deserved true love.

After a group hug, Chris and Elise were off together in the car together, excited about their future together. Danielle was on her own in a car, with her hair over her face, saying, “This wasn’t paradise – it was hell.”

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