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'Bachelor in Paradise': Episode 2 recap

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
'Bachelor in Paradise' cast
Photo by Jesse Grant

Chris Harrison opened up “Bachelor in Paradise” tonight, Aug. 11, by back-tracking to Michelle K.’s departure last week. After she voluntarily left during the Rose Ceremony, she acted very strangely on her car ride home. Chris went to see her the next morning, but she wouldn’t let him in. Apparently, Michelle started up a relationship with someone who worked on the show. When she left, he went to her room, and a producer knocked on her door unexpectedly. The man she was with, Ryan Putz, then jumped off the balcony and broke both of his feet.

Clare and Lacy talked about Lacy accepting Marcus’ rose. Chris Bukowski came strolling up the beach with a date card. He walked around and introduced himself to everyone. Chris asked Clare to go on a date with him, and the two of them headed down to the beach. Clare wanted to make her own judgments about Chris, and the two settled in for a couples massage.

Robert felt frustrated that Lacy was holding hands with Marcus when they spent so much time together. Lacy and Marcus kissed, and Robert couldn’t understand what was going on. Another date card arrived, so Ben delivered it to Marcus. Marcus immediately invited Lacy on a date.

Chris and Clare talked about his reputation, and Chris admitted he had learned from things. He said he would be the perfect, loyal husband once he found the right person. Clare was pretty happy with what she was seeing, and Chris even took a turn giving her a massage.

Elise felt she was falling in love with Dylan, but he was feeling smothered. Dylan commented he would be okay if they dated other people. Elise thought she would try to distance herself from Dylan.

Marcus and Lacy went to their date and had dinner. Marcus said Lacy wasn’t afraid to dive deep and ask him questions others weren’t. Lacy asked about his time on “The Bachelorette,” and he said he had fallen in love, but it wasn’t meant to be. They went exploring in a cave after dinner and made a wish, which Lacy said she wanted to happen “now” before they kissed.

The rest of the group celebrated Chris’ first night in Paradise. Chris and Elise started flirting, and Sarah tried to warn Elise that Chris was a player. Elise promptly put her bathing suit on and ran out to the ocean to make out with Chris. Clare realized how wrong she was about Chris, and the others wondered how Dylan would react when he found out.

The next day, Michelle and Elise talked. As Elise told Michelle she wanted to get married and have a family, Chris told Lacy and Ben he was just having fun. Michelle told Elise she needed to tell Dylan what happened, and she started to cry.

Elise told Dylan she kissed Chris. She said the only reason she talked to Chris was because Dylan told her to talk to other people. Elise added that while she kissed Chris, she was thinking about Dylan the whole time, and Dylan told her to think about what she was saying. He said that made him realize things weren’t meant to be.

Zack K., from Desiree’s season, was the next to arrive on the beach, and Clare was so excited that she ran down to greet him on the beach. Zack invited Clare to go on the date, and she accepted.

Zack and Clare went into town, and Clare felt she was embracing her half-Mexican heritage. She filled Zack in on how things were going before they went into the ocean themselves.

Elise continued to tell everyone what happened with Chris was just a bump in the road. She insisted she and Dylan had feelings for each other. Elise talked to Chris, who said he had talked to Dylan, and Dylan didn’t seem to care.

A date card arrived for Dylan, and Elise got all ready to go. Dylan, however, asked Sarah if she would go with him instead. Sarah asked why he wasn’t asking Elise, and Dylan said Elise wasn’t the kind of girl he wanted to be with. He wanted to get to know Sarah better. Sarah told Dylan she needed to think about it and went to talk to Elise, who was her best friend in the house. Sarah didn’t know what to do, but Elise told her she wanted them both to have fun.

Sarah went back to Dylan and told him she wanted to go on the date with him. The two of them headed off for their date, and Elise still couldn’t figure out what happened to make things so bad between her and Dylan. She kept rambling on to AshLee, and AshLee said what everyone was thinking: “You’re crazy.” AshLee asked why Elise kissed another boy.

Dylan and Sarah went to dinner. Dylan apologized for everything that went on that day and said he didn’t choose her for the date by default – he said she was gorgeous, and he saw something there. Sarah agreed and said she wanted to get to know him better.

Marcus “accidentally” spilled water in Ben’s backpack and found a letter, which he and Marquel read. It was from a girl they speculated was Ben’s girlfriend. They were both bothered, and Marcus thought they needed to confront him, so they did. Marcus pulled Ben aside, and Ben said he found it when he got there. Ben said he met the girl three weeks before he left, and things happened fast.

The others sent Clare to spy, and she and Michelle went back up by the guys. Michelle was immediately in tears over missing her daughter, since she went there to find someone special with other people who wanted the same thing. No one could understand why Ben even went on the show to begin with or why he stayed. Michelle continued to cry and feel upset over Ben taking up a spot that could have gone to someone else, and she ordered him to leave. So, Ben packed up his stuff and headed home.

As the others paired up, Michelle decided she was going to give her rose to Marquel. The two talked, and Marquel mentioned he had concerns and said Michelle liked to drink. She was quite offended by that, since no one had ever said that to her. Robert appeared, so Michelle talked to him as well. Sarah didn’t know what to do, since Elise liked Dylan so much. Chris told Elise he liked her. Dylan took Elise aside to tell her to take advantage of situations happening, like Chris really liking her. (Elise still didn’t get the picture).

Finally, it was time for the Rose Ceremony. Lacy offered her rose to Marcus, AshLee offered hers to Graham, Clare offered hers to Zack, and Michelle offered hers to Marquel. Elise tried to give her rose to Dylan, but he told her she had other options there. She stepped forward and told everyone she wanted to thank Dylan because every woman deserves a man who will fight for her. Elise then turned right to Chris, who accepted her rose right away. That left Sarah, who gave the final rose of the night to Robert.

That sent Dylan packing. He was frustrated he didn’t get the opportunity to meet other people because of the drama with Elise.

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