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'Bachelor In Paradise:' Drama and obsession abounds

Last night on “Bachelor In Paradise” the drama abounded with the participants trying to convince others that they are worthy of getting to know, and others believing that one or another wants to be with them, despite the other sending signals of not being interested.

Robert saved by the bell
Photo by Jesse Grant
Chris Harrison host on Bachelor In Paradise
Photo by Ari Perilstein

Dylan gambled and lost, he was being smothered by Elise who believed up to the last minute that they were meant to be together, even though Dylan had outright told her he was not interested; she persisted in a delusional belief that he was just lying to himself and offered him her rose even though he told her he would not accepted, and he did just that, expecting to receive a rose from Sarah, who went ahead and offered it to Robert who happily accepted and thus Dylan was eliminated from the competition. And Chris, wow, no dignity whatsoever, he hoped to be offered a rose by Elise, but this chose Dylan and upon being turned down, she gave some nonsensical speech that had just about everyone on the verge of laughter for pretending to be inspirational when in reality she had nothing of essence to say, but she went ahead and offered Chris the rose; and to the surprise of all watching he accepted. Does anyone know anything about dignity and self-respect?

Michelle M. was questioning Marquel’s comment about her drinking and she seemed as though she would pick Robert, but no, she went ahead and offered Marquel the rose and this one accepted. Lacey’s choice was not surprising she offered Marcus the rose and this one accepted. Clare chose new arrival Zack; and AshLee stayed with Graham. But one thing that is troublesome is Sarah’s attitude, criticizes everyone, passes judgment on everyone and always seems to be drunk, or at least on the verge; her attitude is troubling and she does not seem trustworthy. Recaps, episodes, and information on the show can be found at

“Bachelor In Paradise” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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