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'Bachelor in Paradise': Clare and AshLee's fight causes rose ceremony drama

AshLee Frazier gets nasty on Bachelor in Paradise
AshLee Frazier gets nasty on Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor ABC Screen Shot

The drama on "Bachelor in Paradise" heats up on Episode 4 when Clare Crawley and AshLee Frazier get into a nasty fight before the rose ceremony. The Inquisitr states that once Clare finds out that AshLee talked trash about her to Zach, all hell breaks loose in the Tulum treehouse.

ABC's preview video shows AshLee questioning Zach about his interest in Clare on part one of the two-night special that begins on August 25. With hidden cameras rolling, she tells Zach that Clarie is "cuckoo" and tries to persuade him to date other women.

AshLee's crazy talk doesn't seem to bother Zach, who says in an ITM that he doesn't care about Clare's past. However, that conversation may make him to rethink his feelings for her, ultimately leading Zach to ditch Clare on the next episode that airs on Tuesday, August 26.

Adding to the drama is the unknown person who is shown in the previews running into the jungle that surrounds the house the cast is staying in. Viewers assume that Clare is the cast member who producers try to track down, but it very well could be AshLee who runs after her fight with Clare. After all, her love-interest, Graham, looks like he's had enough of her possessiveness, so perhaps she took off after he walked away from her at the final rose ceremony.

Watch the preview video of Monday night's episode here. Find out what really happens on "Bachelor in Paradise" Episode 4 starting at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, August 25, part of a two night special that wraps up on Tuesday, August 26 on ABC.