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'Bachelor' offends again: Juan Pablo Galavis makes enemies with "retarded" tweet

Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Juan Pablo Galavis of "The Bachelor" 2014 has stuck his foot into his mouth once again offending fans. This time he simply did it by hitting the retweet button on Twitter. On March 7, Fox News shared about what has everyone upset with him.

A friend of his tweeted something very rude and then JP retweeted it. Here is what it said, "Not every flower can save love, but a rose can. Not every plant survives thirst, but a cactus can. Not every retard can read, but look at you go, little buddy! Today you should take a moment and send an encouraging message to a f--ked up friend, just as I've done. I don't care if you lick windows, or interfere with farm animals. You hang in there cup cake, you're f--king special to me, you're my friend, look at you smiling at your phone! You crayon eating bas**** you!"

Along with his retweet he said, "JAJAJAJAJA LOVED IT...." Of course fans went crazy and were upset. Obviously ABC got involved because soon after he deleted the entire post from his page. He already got in trouble once before for saying ABC should not make a gay "Bachelor" and now this is helping him to win the title of the most hated lead on the show ever.

Of course after that Juan Pablo started to try to cover up his tracks. He used his normal excuse about how our language is different from his and that saying "retard" is okay where he is from. Someday he will quit using this excuse considering how long he has spoken English.

Don't miss "The Bachelor" 2014 finale on Monday night on ABC.

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