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'Bachelor' Juan Pablo spoilers Jan. 27: Who does Juan Pablo eliminate in Seoul?

Juan Pablo sends two home in Korea
Juan Pablo sends two home in Korea

Who does 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo send home on Episode 4?

UPDATE: The latest on Juan Pablo: 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo spoilers Feb. 3: Who does Juan Pablo eliminate in Vietnam?

On Jan. 20, 2014 Juan Pablo and 13 girls will head to Seoul, South Korea for dates, more drama and another week closer to Juan Pablo makes his final pick.

This week, there are two group dates and just one one-on-one date. That means everyone gets a date, but two women will be eliminated at the rose ceremony.

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The girls will all complain about how Clare never lets anyone else sit near the “Bachelor” in group situations. Jealousy is starting to rear its ugly head now and the girls are growing less and less fond of Clingy Clare.

However, there are a few other girls who aren’t favorites among the remaining girls. Both Nikki and Sharleen get the other girls’ panties in a bunch tonight, mostly because they get to spend a good amount of time with Juan Pablo.

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Group Dates

The first group date is a musical one. Reality Steve writes that six girls and Juan Pablo join the Korean group 2NE1 for an on-stage performance. Kat, Cassanda, Nikki, Chelsie, Elise and Danielle all hope to get a rose after their performance. Nikki gets a rose and the other girls aren’t happy about Juan Pablo’s choice.

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The second group date is a little fishy. Lauren, Claire, Renee, Alli, Andi and Kelly all get to hang out for the day in Seoul where they take photos, go for paddle boat rides and get fish pedicures. Juan Pablo gives Andi the group date rose.

One-on-One Date

Sharleen Joynt scores the one-on-one date tonight. It’s a no-brainer that Juan Pablo gives her a rose after the shop, explore the city and make out. But does Sharleen really like the “Bachelor” enough to stick around ‘til the end? Find out here: ‘Bachelor’ spoiler: Who ditches Juan Pablo?

Who is Eliminated on Episode 4?

Sharleen, Andi and Nikki are safe tonight. The unlucky ladies who are eliminated tonight are Lauren Solomon and Elise Mosca.

Next week, 11 girls travel with Juan Pablo to Da Nang, Vietnam. Episode 5 airs on February 3 starting at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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