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'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's proposal to Nikki Ferrell: Quit your nursing job

Juan Pablo wants Nikki to quit her job
Juan Pablo wants Nikki to quit her job
Juan Pablo Galavis Instagram

Will Nikki Ferrell quit her nursing job for "Bachelor" Juan Pablo Galavis? According to US Weekly, Galavis has a proposal for his girlfriend, but it doesn't include an engagement ring.

US reports that a friend of Galavis states that the "Bachelor" wants Ferrell to quit her job as a pediatric nurse and move from Kansas City to Miami to become a model, using her fame on the ABC reality show as a stepping stone into modeling stardom.

Marriage isn't part of that request, at least for now. The couple continues to do long-distance dating, with Ferrell reportedly mulling over a move to Miami to be closer to Juan Pablo and his daughter, Camilla.

Will Nikki quit her job as a nurse and move without a ring on her finger? That's still unknown, but Galavis' friend tells US that although she is thinking about moving, she "loves her job" and is more interested in hospitals than becoming a model.

The story on US is questionable, as it seems, at least from Galavis' photos, that he supports Ferrell's job as a nurse.

A few weeks ago, Galavis posted a photo of his girlfriend on Instagram, showing her working as a nurse. He captioned the photo, "Mi Catira @nikki_ferrell LOVES her JOB and that's ONE of the things I LOVE about her... #NikkiTheNurse."

Perhaps Juan Pablo will convince Nikki to move to Miami so they can see each other more often, but hopefully she'll make her own decisions when it comes to a career.

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