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'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's final pick: Is Reality Steve wrong again?

Is Reality Steve wrong about the "Bachelor" Juan Pablo finale
Is Reality Steve wrong about the "Bachelor" Juan Pablo finale

Is Reality Steve wrong about "Bachelor" Juan Pablo's final pick? Fans are wondering how the final rose could possibly be given out to this season's villain, Nikki Ferrell, but it wouldn't be the first time the least-liked girl gets the guy. Remember Ben and Courtney?

So far this season, blogger Steve Carbone has been right-on with his week-by-week predictions about who will be eliminated and who moves on to the next episode.

Although there are plenty of skeptics out there after Carbone messed up with his final rose spoiler on Desiree Hartsock's season of "The Bachelorette", it looks like he will redeem himself this season.

Does ABC pay 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on 'ATFR' special?

Unless the "Bachelor" producers got really creative and figured out a way to fake out the king of spoilers.

Creative? Not likely. The producers can't even come up with a date that's moderately exciting. Shopping and getting fish pedicures top the list for creative dates, so it's likely Reality Steve is spot on with his prediction this season.

It's been a lackluster season and after Juan Pablo's gay remarks, it's become even less appealing to watch the train wreck otherwise known as "The Bachelor."

Reality Steve writes on his blog that he certain that pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell gets the final rose in the end, but it does not come with a proposal and a giant Neil Lane engagement ring.

Sounds like a realistic ending in light of the fact that "Bachelor" Juan Pablo seems to be more in love with himself, tweeting in all CAPS and taking Instagram selfies.

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