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'Bachelor' Juan Pablo attacked at nightclub: Where was Nikki?

Juan Pablo at Harrah's Pool After Dark
Tom Briglia/FilmMagic

'Bachelor' Juan Pablo did not get a warm welcome when he hosted a Pool After Dark event at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City, N.J. on March 29, 2014. Instead of splashing in the pool, he was splashed in the face with a drink that was thrown at him by a female attending the event.

Not only did the woman throw a drink in Juan Pablo's face, she told the most hated "Bachelor" in the history of the ABC reality show that he as a "f--king douchebag."

Juan Pablo hosts nightclub event in NJ, demands no mention of 'The Bachelor'

US Weekly reports that Juan Pablo was sitting on a couch when a woman came up and threw her drink in his face and berated him. Despite the fact that the show was likely produced to make Juan Pablo out to be an insensitive clod, the drink-in-the-face move was something many fans of the show are probably applauding.

Was his girlfriend Nikki Ferrell there to dry his face off? Juan Pablo, who was reportedly paid $20,000 to host the event at Harrah's, met up with his long distance lover around 1 a.m.

There is no word why they got together hours after the 10 p.m. event started, but he did tell reporters that their relationship is still on with his usual vague answer.

Juan Pablo told US Weekly during the event, "We have a long distance relationship ... but we are talking about many things."

He did not specify what those "many things" were, but one can only assume he still likes Nikki "a lot" but not enough to make a solid commitment.

And the woman who threw the drink in Juan Pablo's face? She was escorted out of the club by security. Expect her to appear as a hero in an upcoming issue of any tabloid magazine that will offer her cash for her story.

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