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'Bachelor' host reveal: 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo went to second base with Nikki?

Chris Harrison
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

The big "Bachelor" host reveal had Chris Harrison spilling a secret about Juan Pablo -- he went to second base on the first night in the "Bachelor" mansion! On Jan. 7, Reality TV World reported that "Bachelor" host Harrison let the cat out of the bag about Juan Pablo's encounter with one of the ladies -- early favorite, Nikki.

"Nikki came out and did the pediatric nurse thing and I'm pretty sure he felt her up. She put his hand on her boob, but I think she meant to put it on her heart so that was the smoothest move by far and we've never had anybody get to second base on night 1," Harrison said.

"The Bachelor" host's reveal wasn't something groundbreaking -- it's not like Juan Pablo took Nikki into the "Fantasy Suite" and started feeling her up. However, it is somewhat interesting to learn that no one has gone further than a kiss on the first night. Some have certainly tried (remember the guy that really wanted to go the the Fantasy Suite upon meeting Desiree Hartsock?), but the people have somehow managed to keep it classy (that is, if you're cool with kissing multiple women within hours of meeting them). Anyway, Chris Harrison thinks this season is going to shape up to be a great one:

"I think it'll be a hard season to pick the women he's attracted to because it's an interesting mix and it's hard to put a finger on his type. I'm really excited to see how people take him and everything that goes on because there was this initial infatuation with him, but there's more to life than a cute accent and good abs and therein lies what we're about to see this season," Harrison added.

"The Bachelor" host's big reveal also included a tidbit about Juan Pablo and his experience on the show. Apparently he never watched the show before... so taking the helm was a bit tricky for him. In the end, he will fare okay, don't you think?

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