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‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison confused about Juan’s non-kissing rule

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo's Twitter

Bachelor” host Christ Harrison follows Juan Pablo on his journey to find his wife, but it sounds like Chris is just as confused as to why Juan stopped kissing the women on the group dates as viewers were. Some contestants are eager to make out with people, but Juan wants to hold back because of his daughter. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 29, “Bachelor” host Christ Harrison is now revealing that he didn’t understand Juan’s decision to stop kissing the women.

“The other puzzling thing this week is Juan Pablo’s decision to all of a sudden decide to stop kissing girls on this group date,” Chris revealed after watching the episode. “He told Renee he was slowing down with her due to the fact that she’s a mother and he didn’t want to rush anything with her. Then he told others it was because he was a dad and he didn’t want Camila to see him kissing a bunch of girls.” He wasn’t keen on kissing Lauren Solomon either, and she even put herself out there.

However, when Clare had her time with him, he dropped all of his rules and kissed her. “I definitely understand their confusion and frustration on this subject, because he seems to have changed the rules in the middle of the game. They obviously know he’s kissed several of the other women, but now there’s some random moral line he seems to have drawn,” Chris reveals.

Of courses, Juan is working hard to find a wife and if he doesn’t have to kiss people if he doesn’t have to. And one can imagine that if he wanted to kiss Lauren, he would have done so. Perhaps, he knew that she wasn’t the right one for him.

What did you think of Juan’s rule?

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