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'Bachelor' Fantasy Suite spoilers: What really happens between Andi & Juan Pablo

What does Andi Dorfman say to "Bachelor" Juan Pablo in the Fantasy Suite and why does she leave? If you think Andi Dorfman’s father, Hy, was tough on Juan Pablo during Andi's hometown date, wait until you see Andi in action when Juan Pablo ticks her off on the overnight dates episode that starts at 8 p.m. on Feb. 25, 2014.

Andi Dorfman leaves Juan Pablo on "The Bachelor"

Blogger Reality Steve writes that Andi does indeed leave the show, but she did not get into a fight with Juan Pablo inside the Fantasy Suite.

Instead, it looks like their day-date went well and they got horizontal during the overnight date. However, the real fireworks didn’t start until right before the rose ceremony, including the point where Andi calls Juan Pablo an as*hole.

Andi does not storm out of the Fantasy Suite as previews show. Reality Steve states that the nastiness starts after Juan Pablo views the final three girls’ video messages after all of the overnight dates are done.

Nikki and Clare’s videos are sweet and annoying, but Andi doesn’t hold back with her true feelings. She chooses not to record a long video and tells Juan Pablo that she will talk to him in person.

Andi then walks up to meet Juan Pablo and that’s when the crap hits the proverbial fan.

Here’s a synopsis of what fans will see when Andi uses her Assistant District Attorney skills on Juan Pablo.

It’s been a rather mild season when it comes to fighting and crying, so expect the Dorfman-Galavis showdown to be the most dramatic episode of the season.

Andi claims she heard through the grapevine that she was a default pick for the overnight dates, but Juan Pablo doesn’t agree nor does he understand what “default” means. In the preview, Juan Pablo tries to stand up for himself and refut the “default” comment by saying, “You barely made it.” Obviously, he doesn’t know what “default” means.

Is Juan Pablo already cheating on his final pick?

As if his brainless comment wasn’t enough, he tells Andi that he already had his date with Clare. Of course, all of the girls know that he goes on three overnight dates, so it’s not clear why Andi is so ticked about it. Juan Pablo sees nothing wrong with the fact that he just did the nasty with three different girls and tells Andi he’s just “being honest.”

How did Andi respond? If you saw the preview clip on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” last night, Andi responded with a well-deserved, “That’s not being honest, that’s you being an asshole.”

The best part of the show tonight will be Andi grilling Juan Pablo about what little he knows about her. She asks him if she knows his religion (Jewish) and he doesn’t have a clue. She calls him out on the fact that he talked about himself or his daughter, Camila, during the entire season but never asked anything about her background.

Of course, Juan Pablo will give her his best dumb-founded look since she’s probably not open to him kissing her - his usual rescue method when he doesn’t understand something or doesn’t want to talk.

Is Juan Pablo the worst 'Bachelor' ever? All besos, no brains

Andi reportedly tells Juan Pablo she’s not in love with him (shocker) and leaves the show before the rose ceremony. In the end, she’s the real winner because she’s is rumored to be the next “Bachelorette.”

Watch Juan Pablo’s act like a hot mess instead of an upstanding “Bachelor” starting at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014.

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