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Bachelor 2014: Who did Juan Pablo pick on 'The Bachelor' finale? (Recap)

'The Bachelor' Season 18 is a wrap! So, who did Juan Pablo Galavis pick on 'The Bachelor' finale on March 10? Find out here now.
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After months of waiting, the results are in! So, who did Juan Pablo pick on The Bachelor 2014 finale on March 10?

Were the Bachelor spoilers accurate or did Reality Steve get it wrong once again?

If you missed any of ABC's three-hour Bachelor Season 18 wrap-up on Monday night – which included both the finale and the "After The Final Rose" special – you can play catch-up with our recap here now.

Bachelor 2014 Recap: Who Did Juan Pablo Pick On Bachelor Finale (Mar. 10)

Nearly all Bachelor spoilers posted by Reality Steve and other sources predicted Nikki would be this season's winner. On Monday night, fans found out how accurate those predictions were.

After Juan Pablo Galavis did some soul-searching (and had more than a few final foot-in-mouth moments) and Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell each spent time with JP's parents, it was time for the final rose ceremony in St. Lucia.

With the beauty of St. Lucia spread out before them, Clare and Nikki, dressed to the nines in gorgeous gowns, each took their turn standing and waiting for a proposal. But would either of them get it?

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So, finally, who did Juan Pablo pick on the Bachelor 2014 finale Monday night? Drumroll, was Nikki Ferrell, as Reality Steve predicted and expected. But she didn't get a proposal, again, as predicted and expected. What did she get after telling JP that she was in love with him and ready to be a part of his life and family? She got, "I'm not 100% sure I want to propose to you, but I'm 100% sure I don't want to let you go. I like you a lot. Will you accept my final rose?" (We're not kidding. That is a direct quote. It may have sounded a bit more romantic with that accent, but all things considered, it didn't help much.)

Nikki, who had been super excited to get engaged and had already professed her love to JP several times, just smiled sweetly and nodded, "Absolutely." The two kissed, and The Bachelor Season 18 was over, just like that.

During "After The Final Rose," Juan Pablo and Nikki were together, but Nikki said he still hasn't told her he loves her. He definitely didn't tell her during "ATFR." no matter how hard host Chris Harrison tried to get him to.

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Still, the two claim they are "very happy" and "have plans," but the whole thing was really, really awkward. Chris Harrison was clearly annoyed by JP's vague and cryptic comments and asked, "Why not show how much you love this woman?" JP just kept talking in circles and refused to share anything personal with Chris or the audience, saying, "The show is over. I'm sorry it didn't end how you wanted it to."

Did you feel The Bachelor finale lived up to the hype? Did you think Nikki should have accepted that final rose, considering that she was in love with Juan Pablo and expecting a proposal, and all he could manage was to tell her he liked her, something he said to several of the women throughout the season? What do you think of reports Nikki is just "getting played" by Bachelor Juan Pablo?

Leave your thoughts on this season and the Mar. 10 finale in the comments section below!

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