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Bachelor 2014 Week 8 recap: Who was sent home on The Bachelor for Hometowns?

Who got sent home on 'The Bachelor' at the Hometwon Week rose ceremony on the Feb. 24 episode? What's in store for Fantasy Suite night on Feb. 25? Read more here now. (You can avoid most Bachelor spoilers in this recap - they are available in links.)
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This season of The Bachelor is almost a wrap, but there's plenty of time left to examine the drama Season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis brought to the ABC franchise. Hometown week visits are over - you can find out who was sent home on The Bachelor 2014 during the Week 8 Hometown episode on Feb. 24 in our recap below the jump - and now only the Fantasy Suite (Episode 9), "Women Tell All" and season finale remain before we find out exactly how everything plays out.

Of course, the latest Bachelor spoilers 2014 have indicated pretty clearly who is expected to win. According to Reality Steve among other sources, though, Juan Pablo is just playing the winner and has no intention of marrying her. Some say the TV-fabricated couple have already broken up. (If you don't want to know more on that just yet, this article is spoiler-safe for the most part; just be wary of clicking links. That's where we hide the good stuff in recaps so we don't give it all away if you don't want it! If you want spoilers, click away!)

Who Was Sent Home on The Bachelor 2014: Week 8 Hometown Rose Ceremony Recap (Feb. 24)

Bachelor Juan Pablo was treated to barbecue, beer and a mechanical bull ride before front-runner Nikki Ferrell, a 26-year-old pediatric nurse, took him home to meet the parents. (Actually, the parents, two younger brothers, and a sister-in-law. No pressure!)

JP told Nikki's dad that he likes how honest Nikki is. Dad said he trusts Nikki and will give his blessing to "whatever decision she makes."

Next up, Juan Pablo visited Andi Dorfman, 26, in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. The brunette beauty took him to the shooting range for a little of what she called "Southern initiation." After finally hitting the bulls-eye, he was jokingly "allowed" to come home to meet her family.

"My family could be very skeptical," Andi said with a more serious tone before the introductions. The young lawyer was obviously nervous but seemed happy to have gotten rid of some stress at the gun range.

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Bachelor Juan Pablo met mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law at Andi's. As the pair told their tales of world travel; and whirlwind romance, it became clear Andi's dad was keeping a tally of how many one-on-ones his daughter got and how long before she got them. He was not impressed.

Dad said he wouldn't give any kind of blessing until Juan Pablo came to him saying his daughter was the only one who could ever see himself with. During a private conversation, Andi's sister pointed out to her sis that even Andi wasn't exactly referring to Juan Pablo as "the one," or even as a sure thing.

"I'm willing to risk getting my heart broken," Andi insisted. "I wish [my family] could feel my gut instinct."

JP visited single mom Renee Oteri, 32, in her hometown of Sarasota, Florida. It turns out certain Bachelor Season 18 spoilers we were going off of were incorrect where they stated JP would not meet Renee's son Ben. He did meet the little guy when he accompanied Renee, 32, to Ben's Little League game. "He is such a cool kid," JP said of the boy.

Watching Renee reunite with her son was by far the most moving moment of all the many hours of Season 18 thus far. Tissue alert! After Little League, Ben, Renee and Juan Pablo headed to Renee's parents house to meet folks and her brother. Everyone seemed supportive, and Renee seemed over the moon to have had such a family-oriented, domestic-bliss kind of day with JP.

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Where Andi hesitated and said she wasn't yet in love with Juan Pablo, Renee was very willing to say it. "I'm totally, crazy, madly in love with him," she told her mother. (She didn't tell Juan Pablo, though, regretting her silence on the matter as soon as he drove away at the end of their date.)

Finally, Juan Pablo went to see Clare, 32, in her hometown of Sacramento. The date started in a favorite park of hers, where Clare told JP more about her childhood and late father. At Clare's family home, Mom, sister Lara, sister Lisa, sister Madeline, sister Julie and brother Ernie were waiting. Even the family dog got to meet this season's Bachelor 2014 star!

"I would say yes in a heartbeat," Clare told her sister Madeline when asked what she would do with a proposal. Meanwhile, one of the sisters thought Clare was trying to sway Mom's opinion. "You're not respecting Mama," Lara said at one point. "I'm not going to let you manipulate her."

"Tonight was my night. I don't deserve to have that taken from me," Clare said, clearly upset at the situation and her big sister.

Lara didn't want to leave Juan Pablo alone with Clare's mom at first. Once she got to ask a few questions of her own, Lara settled down and left them alone to chat. "You would be welcome in our family," Clare's mother told Juan Pablo.

Finally, Juan Pablo and the four remaining ladies gathered again in Miami for the Week 8 Hometown rose ceremony (Feb. 24). So, who was sent home on The Bachelor 2014 during the Hometown episode?

The week's roses were handed out in the following order: Nikki, Clare and Andi. Renee Oteri was eliminated. JP walked her out, and the two sat on a bench to say their goodbyes. "I respect you a lot," Juan Pablo told her.

They both cried a little and hugged, "I didn't want to say goodbye. I had fallen in love with him," Renee said. "I let myself feel things I didn't think I could feel."

Aww! Renee seemed too good for JP anyway. He would have significantly disappointed her sooner or later (likely sooner), and her stakes were the highest of all the women because of Ben.

Get caught up on more Bachelor spoilers 2014 here before the special Tuesday showing of Fantasy Suite night (Episode 9) airs on ABC Feb. 25. Stay tuned for next Monday's "Women Tell all" special (Mar. 3) and the The Bachelor 2014 finale on Mar. 10.

Did you agree with who got sent home on The Bachelor this week? Do you think Reality Steve got this season's finale ending right? Leave your comments, thoughts and predictions below!

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