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Bachelor 2014 Week 7 recap: Madness in Miami leaves Juan Pablo dumped (Photo)

Juan Pablo Galavis got dumped and did some dumping in Miami during 'The Bachelor' 2014 Week 7 episode on Feb. 17. Get the full Week 7 recap and find loads of Season 18 Bachelor spoilers here now!
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

If you missed any of The Bachelor 2014 Week 7 on Feb. 17, we've got a full recap for you here below. Find out which lady got to meet the parents (and JP's daughter), who went home on their own, who was eliminated and who is getting Hometown dates here now. For major Week 8 Hometown and Fantasy Suite spoilers, click here now!

Juan Pablo Galavis brought the six remaining ladies to his hometown of Miami. Miami is where he works, lives and plays, and it is also where his young daughter Camila had been waiting for him. After JP reunited with his adorable little girl, it was time to get down to business. Clare, Andi, Sharleen, Nikki, Chelsie and Renee were put up in the penthouse suite at the stunning Loews Miami Beach hotel, where a box was waiting for each of the ladies. Inside was a brand-new bikini. We smell some beach scenes!

Bachelor 2014 Week 7 Recap: Nikki Meets the Family, Sharleen Dumps Juan Pablo

At the beginning of the Bachelor Season 18 Week 7 episode on Feb. 17, opera singer Sharleen Joynt mentioned she needed a one-on-one date to decide how she felt. "At this moment, I'm not ready to introduce Juan Pablo to my family." (Meanwhile, JP was busy telling his family that she "might be the one.") Well, she got her chance. The first date card had Sharleen's name on it!

"He is ridiculously sexy," Sharleen said, but she couldn't seem to convince herself that was enough. Though Juan Pablo saw stars during their yacht–and–beach date, and they couldn't stop kissing each other, Sharleen decided to throw in the towel and left the show during the Bachelor 2014 Week 7 episode on Monday. We have to say, Juan Pablo handled her news exceptionally well and comforted her like a complete gentleman. Later, in his confessional, he cried as he spoke of her honesty and his tears seemed genuine. Aww!

When the next date card came, it was for Nikki Ferrell. For their date, Bachelor Juan Pablo kicked things off at a flower shop to pick out an arrangement to bring to his daughter's dance recital. He informed Nikki she would be meeting not just Camila, but his parents as well as Camila's mother. Nikki was caught off guard but excited. "I'm nervous," she said. "Not panicked, but nervous."

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Everyone seemed to get along; Camila even gave Nikki a little kiss on the cheek. "I could totally see myself fitting into this life," Nikki gushed afterward. "I'm in love. I want a 'forever', and I want it with Juan Pablo."

Later, on the group date, Clare, Andi, Renee and Chelsie were taken by prop plane to a private island off the Miami coast for a relaxing beach day. By the end, one lady would get the week's only date rose, earning special private time that evening but also an automatic Hometown date.

That lady was Andi Dorfman, despite Clare's certainty it would be hers after an emotional conversation with Juan Pablo. (For their alone time, JP and Andi headed to South Beach for some sexy dancing and to hear Romeo Santos perform.)

Back at the penthouse, things got really awkward between the girls. Heated words were exchanged between a mad-at-the-world Clare and a smug Nikki, which led to an ultra weird vibe at the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. "It feels very high school to me," remarked Chelsie, quite astutely.

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ABC aired a full minute of crickets as Clare and Nikki sat alone together for awhile, no doubt thanks to the producers, and didn't say a word. Even when the other women returned, things were as quiet as they've been all season. Mercifully, host Chris Harrison appeared to signal the start of The Bachelor 2014 Week 7 rose ceremony.

There were only three roses on the silver tray at the Miami rose ceremony, and they were given out in this order: Nikki, Clare, Renee. Chelsie Webster was eliminated.

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