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Bachelor 2014 Week 6: who went home on 'The Bachelor' in naughty New Zealand?

'Bachelor' 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis got naughty in New Zealand, kissing six out of the eight women he brought with him to the land down under! Get a full 'Bachelor' Season 18 Week 6 recap of the Feb. 10 episode here.
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

This week, on The Bachelor 2014 Week 6 (Feb. 10), Juan Pablo Galavis and the eight remaining bachelorettes headed down under to New Zealand to get in touch with nature and further get to know each other.

Hairstylist Clare Crawley dealt with the fallout of her late-night swim with JP in Vietnam, opera singer Sharleen awkward-kissed Juan Pablo again and two ladies went home.

So, how did the dates go and who went home on The Bachelor 2014 this week? Get a full recap below. If you have the episode saved on your DVR, turn back now! For some serious Bachelor spoilers 2014, click here.

The Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home on The Bachelor Week 6 in New Zealand (Feb. 10)

The whole group was put up at the exclusive Huka Lodge resort in Taupo, and the date cards started coming as soon as everyone was settled. Andi's main concern was finally getting a one-on-one date, which she did.

Bachelor Juan Pablo and the 26-year-old Assistant District Attorney started their date on a speedboat that took them into the lush forests of New Zealand via a winding river. Soon, they were out of the boat and making their way through rock formations until they found a hidden waterfall. (Cue the obligatory spit-swapping.) Later, the two had dinner overlooking a geyser, which probably seemed like a good idea to producers and JP but Andi said the eruptions of water created a rain-like effect and "completely ruined our dinner." Andi got the date rose.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was back at the house, again doubting herself for being away from her son. Then, the group date card came. Sharleen, Nikki, Renee, Cassandra, and Kat got the group date, while Clare got the other one on one date in New Zealand.

For the group date, everybody went zorbing in Ogos. (Zorbing is when you climb inside those large polyvinyl clear hamster balls and roll down a hill, tumble across a flat surface or even float on water. Ogo is a company which apparently provides the balls in Rotorua, NZ.) Later, the date continued at Hobbiton (where they filmed the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and "The Hobbit").

Juan Pablo took single-mom Renee aside during the group date cocktail party to talk. "You are one of my special ones," he told her. Before long, they were (shocker) kissing. Renee pondered in voice-over whether or not she and JP had something special, something he didn't share with the other girls.

Next, he and Nikki spent some one-on-one time together. More making out.

Then, it was Sharleen's turn. Before they even start talking, there was some semi-awkward making out. (We're getting exhausted just naming these girls, we don't know how JP found the energy to kiss them all!)

It was Cassandra's birthday on group date day, and the 22-year-old mom-of-one was hoping for a rose as her gift from Juan Pablo. Unfortunately, as Reality Steve's week-by-week Bachelor spoilers 2014 predicted, Cassandra was eliminated.

"You're one of my special ones," he told her. (Are we sensing a catch-phrase?) "I don't want to let you go, but I need to."

"It just hurts to go home right when I realized I see in this person [someone] I could really spend my life with," Cassandra told cameras once in the limo, crying. "I just feel sick."

Sharleen got the group date rose.

For their second one-on-one date, Bachelor Juan Pablo and Clare went on a picnic by the water and talked about what happened in Vietnam. "Last week I got in trouble with Clare. I made her mad at me," JP admitted to the camera. But all was well after their pow-wow, along with plenty of kissing and cuddling.

Finally, it was time for The Bachelor Season 18 Week 6 rose ceremony, which was held at the uber-quaint Blake House of Poronui Lodge in Taupo.

Juan Pablo carved out some quality make out time with both Nikki and Renee during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. Then, it was time for the hard decision.

"I definitely think that my wife is in this group of girls," JP said to open the rose ceremony before giving Nikki the first rose. With only four roses for five girls, the tension was running high.

But who went home on The Bachelor 2014 this week?

As with Cassandra, the Bachelor spoilers 2014 for Week 6 were again shown to be accurate; Kat was eliminated.

Though Sharleen got a rose, she was again doubting whether or not she could see herself with JP, but decided to stay one more week. (Surprise, surprise!)

Next week, the six remaining women travel with Juan Pablo to Miami. During the 'Next time on The Bachelor...' Week 7 preview courtesy of ABC, we learn Nikki and Clare get into a spat next week. "Let's be honest," Nikki says to Clare matter-of-factly. "I don't like you. We are never going to be friends."

"You're a piece of work, Nikki," Clare replies coolly, walking out of the room. "And you're f---ing crazy," Nikki answers back.

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