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'Bachelor' 2014 Week 2: Who's the drunk girl who wants Juan Pablo to die?

Victoria Lima gets drunk and doesn't impress Juan Pablo
Victoria Lima gets drunk and doesn't impress Juan Pablo

Who gets drunk and wants Juan Pablo to die on the "Bachelor" episode that airs on Monday, January, 13?

If you've been keeping up with all things Juan Pablo, you know that he's not a fan of drunk women. In fact, he told Sean Lowe during a conversation on Sunday night's "Bachelor: Behind the Scenes" that he doesn't drink all that often.

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That means the drunk girl who babbles nonsense in a hotel bathroom after Monday night's group date isn't going to be getting a proposal from Juan Pablo. Or a rose. Or much more than a cab ride and a one way ticket home.

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Who's the drunk girl? That's Victoria Lima. Not only does she straddle Juan Pablo during the group date photo shoot, she gets so drunk she ends up in a bathroom stall vocalizing her wish for the man of the hour to die.

Or at least that's what the promos show. Could be a carefully crafted edit, but the fact that she's that drunk is enough to make her a candidate for a quick exit before Juan Pablo hands out the group date rose.

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Reality Steve states on his blog that "Victoria got so wasted at the hotel after party, she never comes back to the mansion with the rest of the girls."

Apparently she stays at the hotel and and just stays at the hotel overnight (in the bathroom?).

Juan Pablo comes knocking the next day and doesn't profess his love for her. Instead, he sends her home. Smart move, Juan Pablo. Now if only you could pick the right girl to live happily ever after.

Tune in the second week of the "Bachelor" at 8 p.m. on Monday, January 13 on ABC to watch a little drunk girl drama.

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