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'Bachelor' 2014 spoilers: Miami moments meeting Camila, musician Romeo Santos

"The Bachelor" 2014 heads for Miami this week, with single mother Renee Otari along for the romp that has her looking for love with single dad Juan Pablo. According to Reality TV World on Feb. 14, the 32-year-old real estate agent is still in the running while taking on the role as mother with the remaining contestants as well.

'The Bachelor' 2014 Juan Pablo, his daughter Camila, and Mickey Mouse
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

In her classy way, Otari admitted that waiting to get kissed by Juan Pablo while he was clearly kissing other women was tough to take. When she watched this play out on TV during "The Bachelor" after the fact, she was especially miffed.

Otari said she thought to her herself, directing her mind's wanderings to Juan Pablo while saying, "Well, that kind of said no to me and then two minutes later, you're making out with Clare."

With that in mind, Renee was also super understanding, admitting she gets why Juan Pablo took it slow with her since she is a mother and therefore he wanted to act in the proper way so that her son would not be upset with either of their actions.

Meanwhile, Renee is not privy to a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo while the gang goes to Miami. Instead, she's involved in a group date with Andi, Chelsie, and Clare according to an ABC preview of the upcoming show to be seen on Monday night.

During that group date, the winner of the rose will be allowed to take part in a romantic evening with Juan Pablo that includes the swoon worthy tunes of Latin sensation Romeo Santos.

Although no spoilers are out about who gets that rose, Renee Otari does apparently survive this episode and is one of four who get hometown dates with Juan Pablo. However, Reality Steve says Renee does not get to take part in the overnight dates in St. Lucia, even though JP was able to meet her son during hometowns.

That said, only one woman reportedly gets to meet "The Bachelor" 2014 Juan Pablo's precious daughter, Camila, and that's Nikki. This happens on the one-on-one date these two enjoy on Monday's episode, according to ABC. Not only does Nikki meet JP's daughter but she also meets JP's baby mama. She is introduced as his "special friend."

So how does it go for Nikki, Camila, Camila's mother, and Juan Pablo on "The Bachelor" 2014 when the show goes to Miami? Stay tuned. There are only so many spoilers that can fit into one post about this fascinating ABC program where all the players look for love as cameras roll, following the entire cast's every move.

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