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Bachelor 2014 spoilers: Juan Pablo's girl is 'getting played,' says source

The latest Reality Steve 'Bachelor' spoilers don't look good for the woman Juan Pablo picks on the finale. Read more here now.
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The latest Bachelor 2014 spoilers indicate trouble in paradise for Juan Pablo Galavis and his chosen bachelorette, but just what did Reality Steve recently reveal about the pair?

You can find out right now below the jump; beware, if you're avoiding Bachelor spoilers like the plague, don't read any further! Click here for a full recap of the Jan. 27 Week 4 episode to get a wrap-up of what happened this week when the group traveled to Seoul, South Korea.

Bachelor 2014: Reality Steve Says Juan Pablo 'Will Fail' With Finale Winner

So, here's the skinny: Steve-O is convinced Juan Pablo is only in it to play the fame game, and wants to ride the coattails of his time with the popular ABC franchise all the way to a lasting relationship with Hollywood, not some doe-eyed, small-town girl.

Though the notorious finale-spoiler has already stated JP chooses Nikki, Steve has also said there will be no engagement on the finale. Now, he's coming out and publicly saying, "Let's just say his girl is getting played."

Only a handful of couples have actually found lasting love on the show, and of those couples, many moved out of Los Angeles and have shied away from the limelight that Juan Pablo seems to invite to shine down upon him. Reality Steve said in his latest Bachelor spoilers that he feels JP's love of the camera and the potential fame and money that could come from this experience will be his downfall, or rather, the downfall of the bachelorette chosen during the finale. "He loves every minute of the spotlight," Steve said in the recent article.

Steve also recently mentioned Juan Pablo's recent anti-gay remarks had no effect on the show's ratings, as he expected. "It had ZERO effect on the ratings like I figured it wouldn't. Last week they drew 7.88 million viewers, ratings last night drew 7.82 million." This doesn't surprise us, either.

Most viewers just want one question answered: who will Juan Pablo pick on The Bachelor 2014 finale? In the meantime, they want to see a group of women get a little drunk, a little jealous and a little crazy over the moderately-attractive Venezuelan soccer player. The exact contents of his heart and mind are likely the last thing on most viewers' minds, and really will only affect the woman he chooses in the end. If Steve-O's Bachelor spoilers are accurate, that woman is Nikki and things will go downhill after filming wraps. All we can say is good luck, girl - whoever you are! Sounds like you're gonna need it.

During the Jan. 27 episode, the group heads to South Korea, and one of the girls reportedly has a total meltdown after several of the girls go on a K-Pop themed group date with JP. Stay tuned...

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