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‘Bachelor’ 2014 predictions: Early favorites show love for Juan Pablo

Tonight, Jan. 6, ABC’s the “Bachelor” 2014 took off in full force. Star Juan Pablo Galavis (32), single dad and former soccer player, met his 27 bachelorette contestants. The night was filled with quirky jokes, some moments of chemistry, and of course awkward silences!

Contestant Sharleen gives 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo a drink during the premiere.
ABC/Rick Rowell

Each of the ladies presented an interesting side to themselves. Talents that shined her opera singers, dancers, piano players and a potential ‘dog whisper’.

While many of the ladies seems to get Juan Pablo’s attention with respect to their looks, a few seemed to pop at him.

Common interests and a sense of knowing the world seemed to get Juan Pablo’s attention.
Three of those ladies could sneak their way to the finale as early fan favorites. As season 18 starts off, here are some predictions for which top three potential fan favorites will find love with Juan Pablo.

Sharleen received the first impression rose. While she doesn’t seem all into the process during the premiere, previews of season 18 seem to paint her out to be one of the ones that really get Juan Pablo’s heart pumping. She was quiet during the premiere and kept to herself but she someone managed to get his attention. Could she make it all the way to the finale?

Renee seems to have hit it off with Juan Pablo. They are both single parents and appear to share common interests. One of the most important things to the “Bachelor” star is his daughter Camila. Could Renee make the best stepmom for her?

Claire showed up as a pregnant woman! Already she showed Juan Pablo she can be just as goofy as he can. She immediately got his attention with talk of being a family, and adding more children to his life. What better way to show she’s ready to be a wife and stepmom?

These three women seemed to stick out in tonight’s premiere. Others were frontrunners as well. In your opinion, which ones will win “The Bachelor” 2014 ending up at Juan Pablo’s wife?

Tune in next Monday to ABC as “Bachelor” Juan Pablo continues his “aventura” to find love!

Sources: ABC

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