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'Bachelor' 2014: Dumbing down for Juan Pablo not the way to go

The “Bachelor” contestants appear to already be molding themselves into the women they believe Juan Pablo would be interested in. Apparently Andi is selling herself short, suggests TMZ on Jan. 15 after they got a gander at her interaction with the “Bachelor’s” sexy Juan Pablo.

The "Bachelor" 2014: Are the ladies molding themselves into what they think Juan Pablo wants?
The Bachelor ABC

This could be the very reason that love matches habitually don’t last on the “Bachelor.” The same goes for the guys when the “Bachelorette” gets her turn. It’s not like they put their best foot or face forward, many of these girls and guys put a totally new face forward.

Andi appears to have dumbed-it-down for Juan Pablo. She tells him she’s a prosecutor but does so like she’s a fifth grader giving a simple report on how a prosecutor puts people in jail.

TMZ did some investigating and found out that Andi is not “just a prosecutor,” but a very good one, who is a key player in the courtroom. She's all over the case of the 2012 murder of rapper Lil Phat. This is not a woman who is "puts people in jail," which is the job description she offered up to her prospective love match.

Did Andi think that Juan Pablo would be intimidated by a strong woman? If she did end up winning he would eventually find out just how bright and good at her job she really is so why did all this down-playing need to happen? Is this the way for Andi to bait him? She might be selling Juan Pablo short. He looks like the kind of guy who would find a woman with brains sexy.

We saw the same thing from Emily Maynard and her first televised engagement with Brad Womack. She went out and did all the fun things that Brad, as an owner of a few bars in Texas, does almost daily.

After the “Bachelor” dust settled Brad continued with his life-style, but Emily showed she was more of stay-at-home gal. Being a single mother, this is a good thing, but think of all the time and heartbreak that could have been avoided if both these people showed their true selves from day one.

Same goes for Andi, what does she expect to happen if she does win? All of the sudden she grows some intellect and her claims of “I don’t read” fall by the wayside as she reads tons of documents preparing for court?

She certainly wasn’t going to play the “I put people in jail” and “I don’t read” card for the rest of her life! Of course this also speaks to some of the other reasons that men and women flock to this show as contestants.

They are not always looking for love, but fame is their main goal. Not that this is the case for Andi, but there have been some in the past that used this as a stepping stone to get their name out there. Emily Maynard was accused of being one of those gals.

Considering Emily is now engaged for the fourth time to a man she dated before leaving for the “Bachelorette,” her winning choice on TV probably never had a chance.

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