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Bacardí brings flavor, sophistication, and vitality to Philly's nightlife

Bacardí Mango Fusion satellite bar
Bacardí Mango Fusion satellite bar
Allen Foster

Friday night, The Bacardí Fusion Lounge turned the spacious Skybox Events Center in Philadelphia, PA into a posh nightclub featuring a banging mash-up of music, sports culture, and class. The affair was garnished with meticulously positioned urbane displays spotlighting the numerous Sneaker Pimps creations along with a tattoo exhibit featuring the magnificent artwork of Mister Cartoon. Additionally, guests were offered the ability to customize their look at a complimentary t-shirt making station. Though the non-stop ferocity of charged urban beats propelled the night with a heart-hammering intensity, it was ultimately the sophistication offered by the Bacardí brand that refined the evening into a truly exquisite experience.

Though many other flavored rums were on hand, the spotlight fell on Mango Fusion, which was making its impressive debut. The rich mango bouquet piqued with just the perfect hint of orange delivered a refreshingly savory vibrance that satiated and satisfied. To accentuate the versatility of this palate-pleasing liquor, a number of savory cocktails were designed to highlight the best characteristics this new fusion had to offer. There was Mango Fused, an obvious and delicious blend of 1 part Bacardí Mango Fusion and 3 parts orange juice; SneakerHead, a brilliantly spicy concoction comprised of 1 part Bacardí Mango Fusion, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, and then topped off with ginger beer; and Alley-Oop, a staggeringly simply yet flawlessly succinct creation fashioned from 1 ½ oz Mango Fusion and 2 oz sweet and sour mix.

Engaging Bacardí girls, flitted about the crowd, snapping pictures and charging the atmosphere with their fetching charisma. Attendees socialized, noshed on delectable hors d'oeuvres, flirted, and fell into their groove as the evening wore on and the cadence of the night overtook them. If you weren’t one of the several hundred in attendance for the opulent launch party, you can still gratify your thirst with one of the newest and most promising summer taste sensations by simply ordering it at your favorite nightclub. Bacardí brought its A game to Philly, and Mango Fusion is here to stay!