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Baca considers 35th if Negrete McLeod runs for county seat

Joe Baca
Courtesy of Joe Baca

Joe Baca wants a seat back in Congress. Although he was not a favorite son among his fellow representatives, national Democratic sources say a few local donors have made $100,000 in commitments if he agrees to run for the 35th Congressional District rather than the 31st.

One needs a score card to figure out what is going on here. It all hinges on Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod and whether she plans to run for another term in Congress or for the Fourth District seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

If Negrete McLeod opts to stay in Congress, Baca will go up against Pete Aguilar, Paul Chabot and others for the seat being vacated at the end of the term by Rep. Gary Miller. If Negrete McLeod chooses to run for the county seat instead, then there will be musical chairs.

Aguilar will be left as the only major Democratic contender in CD-31. Negrete will be running against Assemblyman Curt Hagman for the county seat. And Joe Baca will be running against Assemblywoman Norma Torres for CD-35. Torres does not plan to run for CD-35 unless Negrete-McLeod bows out.

What is particularly interesting about the Baca situation is that sources last year claimed that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi personally asked Negrete-McLeod to run for re-election to her seat because they did not want Baca back. So Baca decided to run for the 31st. Now it seems the good old boys in D.C. prefer Baca over Torres.

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