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Babylist: Register anywhere for whatever you want


Registering for your baby can be a lot of fun in the store. Grab the little gun and within minutes somehow you’ve added 50 different types of bottles, jumpers, and countless adorable clothes for your little one. But, what happens when you find a product that isn’t at that store? Or, there isn’t a store located near your family and friends. Well, the random gifts start coming in. Or duplicates start piling up. Let’s me honest, the only duplicate you’ll take are wipes and diapers.

So, finally someone figure out a way to combine all the products you want on one website that your family/friends can choose from. It’s called BABYLIST. And it works very similar to pinterest. Whenever you are out on any site; Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Giggle, Macy’s or even your local favorite boutique…you just select what you want and it is added to your babylist.

Then when someone wants to purchase that gift they are able to do so right off your list or refer to the list and make a note that you purchased from another site and it’s marked off. No one is locked in to purchasing at any one store or only online.

BabyList was created after the founder, Natalie Gordon's own frustrating experience trying to create a traditional baby registry, which didn't allow her to register for things she wanted such as food delivery, pet sitting, eco-friendly diaper service and handmade items from Etsy. Now all of these things can be added to your baby registry and more.

We tried it out and thought it was easy to use and stunned it took so long. Now someone just needs to set up a Gift Registry after you’ve gotten married or had a baby for all the in between gift celebrations like birthday and holidays. Take the guess work out and tell your family and friends what you and you’re little one really needs!

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