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BabyCenter’s 21st Century Mom Insights Series

Check this report out and see for yourself what today's moms are like.
Check this report out and see for yourself what today's moms are like.
Baby Center

If you were wondering about mothers in today’s society, you don’t have to any longer. On Thursday, January 30th, released its Millennial Mom Report. In order to create this knowledgeable report, partnered Research Now in order to conduct the in-depth survey in which more than 1,700 people, which included 1,353 Millennial Moms (ages 18-32) and 359 Generation X moms (ages 33 to 44). The women had been recruited from the BabyCenter 21st Century Mom® Panel, part of the Research Now e-Rewards Panel.

Utilizing social listening skills and qualitative in-home friendship groups in Austin and Boston, insight were gathered about the life of today’s moms; what media, technology, parenting resources and brand preferences that they selected. In conjunction with other third-party sources, such as the United States Census, the CDC, the Pew Research Center, Weber Shadwick and KRC Research, Cisco’s Connected World Technology Report and comScore, they were able to gather population estimates, spending power, behaviors and attitudes.

This was their latest installment in BabyCenter’s 21st Century Mom® Insights Series, revealing new insights surrounding Millennial Moms’ parenting style, technology usage, and overall ambitions as both parents and individuals.

In essence what it proved was that Millennial Moms are resilient, resourceful, optimistic and challenging their generation’s stereotypes. These women are the product of helicopter parents and opt to parent their own children differently with a more relaxed approach. They also seamlessly integrate digital technologies into their everyday lives, spend more time consuming media, and are entrepreneurial in new and creative ways.

According to Mike Fogarty, SVP and Global Publisher at BabyCenter, “The Millennial Mom is more than you think she is. She represents a cultural and economic force that’s creating lasting change. Remember, this generation entered adulthood in the late 1990s with a tailwind of economic growth and global stability, only to see their future thrown into question. Millennial Moms are also bucking convention – in the way they raise their kids and the way they live their own lives. The media's coverage of this generation as self-centered and entitled misses the point. Millennials are a study in contrasts. They're underemployed but entrepreneurial, educated but in debt, digital natives fluent with technology and new media – but back to basics with a strong focus on the environment, health, and nutrition.”

BabyCenter® is the voice of the 21st Century Mom® and modern motherhood. It is utilized digitally throughout the world; from Australia to India to China. This parenting partner had their hand in 70% of the babies born last year. It is where modern mothers turn for information and support.

BabyCenter is the world’s partner in parenting, providing moms everywhere with trusted advice from hundreds of experts around the globe, friendship with other moms like them, and support that’s remarkably right at every stage of their child’s development. They are also linked to the world’s most prominent brands and institutions in order to provide women today with life-stage marketing solutions and today’s engaged moms. BabyCenter is a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies so many women tend to trust them more than ever!

You may just change your mind about Millennial Moms once you check out this report. See it at

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