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Baby you were born to fish

Peacock Bass
Peacock Bass

Fish on! are words to live by for an angler. It used to be that everyone knew how to fish let alone how to hunt, your survival demanded it. Savor it, and let the wildness nourish you. It’s only a little further to the water, follow the birds.

Making battlefield corrections

The fisherman who constantly fishes and lands the big ones is a “thinking angler.” They are also spending more time on the water than the average angler, learning, watching and digesting their natural surroundings. It’s a feeling thing, being able to think like a fish. It’s being in tune with your surroundings and in the zone under the water.

It’s a passion, it’s where it all comes together

It’s a lifelong pattern you pick up as a kid way back when you began fishing for the first time. You did’nt question it. “Just do.” You can look at the water every day and think, “I want to find fish,” but staring into the water won’t change your luck. You might even feel the fish are against you or your work hours, or the weather. You can have a lot of excuses. You can’t find the fish because you simply aren’t giving yourself the time to find the fish. You are letting those shortcomings get in the way and it blocks your free thinking.

Looking for a fish is no different than looking for a great love

It can be complicated an tricky. Sometimes people get lucky and other times it has to be sought out. You need to have an active fishing life. You need to relax and use your right and left brain to fish, also known as intuitive fishing. But I wouldn’t let the guys on the dock hear you talking like this.

The left side of your brain is into the details, the physical: barometric pressure, rigs, patterns, maps, and so on. Some of the best time on the water is the time you just spend watching it. Like the guys and gals who ‘noodle’ for catfish, they know where to go and where to find them from experience. Feeding areas and hideouts at various times of the season are not random.

Because of your left brained work, you are working from your zone

They don’t call it basic instinct for nothing, and that’s where your right brain comes in. Your senses are heightened, like a highlighter on a book page, you are tuned in, you can feel it. You couldn’t miss it if you tried. When you are there, there’s no mistaking it. When you are not there, it doesn’t even bring a rise out of you. Like a salesman ‘cold calling’ his clients, you can dangle the great deal or the bait all you want but you are just forcing the issue with no luck at all.

Like Kevin Van Dam and his power fishing technique, anglers try to mimic his technique. Many a writer has tried to explain how to do it over and over in many a fishing magazine exactly how to make it work. You have to want it. You have to feel it. Like a child prodigy, some people call it magic, some people call it a gift. It’s a talent you learn to hone. Baby, you were born to fish.

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