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Baby with two heads is born in India

A little girl with two heads was born in India on Wednesday according to a March 14 report on Huffington-Post. The conjoined twin babies have two heads, two necks and two spines. Their chances of survival are slim, but there is a surgery available to actually save their lives, although very dangerous. It cannot be performed until their condition is stabilized.

Mom in India didn't know she was having conjoined twins.

Urmila Sharma, the babies' mother, did not know she was carrying conjoined twins until two weeks before the birth when it was too late for anything to be done.

Babies and animals with two-heads are not common, but the phenomenon does occur. Usually, the people who have this condition are subjected to a surgical procedure to separate the two twins. In this case, however, according to, the option is not available because the twins share vital organs.

Inquisitr also reports that there have been an unusual amount of such babies born in Brazil recently.

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