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Baby with measles comes through Portland Airport

On March 31 KATU reports that a baby that was unvaccinated that had traveled outside of the country has returned with the measles through the Portland Airport.

The baby made its way through the airport on March 24 and health officials are warning people who have been through the Portland Airport between 7:15 PM and 10 PM on March 24 to be on the watch from now through April 14 for any spots or splotches on their skin.

Many Portlanders aren't vaccinated against some of the most common diseases such as polio and measles and because the airborne illness is highly contagious, they are warning anyone in the area. Health officials are also working directly with the baby's primary care physician to ensure that everyone that has been treated at the clinic recently is also warned.

The measles is a highly contagious, transferable disease that can travel with a cough or sneeze from one person to several. It lingers in the air for up to four hours after the infected person has left the area. Anything that they touch can also be contaminated and used as means to spread the disease.

Be sure to cover our mouth when you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands or use sanitizer after touching any public space or object.

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