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Baby sold on Internet: Chilean mother, grandmother, and aunt charged

Newborn baby
Newborn baby

A baby was sold on the Internet by Veronica Carrera Chaparro, 18, in Maipu, Chile. The unmarried woman was arrested along with her mother Angela Chaparro, 42, and sister Daniela Perez, 24. Yet, a prosecutor asserts that the exchange was not illegal, according to a UPI report on Monday.

Miguel Ampuero, a local police chief, said that the baby’s grandmother and aunt gave the baby’s mother three options. She was told to either sell the baby, abort the baby, or give the baby up for adoption.

The baby was advertised as being for sale on Facebook. On Nov. 4, the day after the baby was born, a family from Santiago paid formal registration fees of $1,864 to claim the child. Additionally, the family paid $111 to Chaparro for her baby.

Sunday, Ernesto Silva – a prosecutor – said the case is a very serious one, but he said it falls within a legal crack because it is not a crime to offer the delivery of a newborn baby over the Internet in Chile.

Yet, there were unclear charges filed against the mother of the baby, and the grandmother and aunt of the baby were charged with aiding in the sale of the infant. Additionally, the Santiago family was detained and need to appear in court as well.