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Baby rapist on the loose-mother and police asks people to read and share

police say he is a high risk for reoffence
police say he is a high risk for reoffence
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Cory Roberts is a baby rapist that left his 3 year old victim blind and mentally disabled over 20 years ago. He was set free from prison on Monday June 16th. Everyone is asked to look at this mans picture and generate it through out as many channels as possible. This man is dangerous, he will re-offend, and your sharing may save a life!

This man was babysitting a 3 year old girl in 1990 when he raped and beat the child. She is now 27 and has the mental capacity of a 10 year old. She is blind in one eye because of his brutal and heinous assult. You can see her mother speak about this on HLN by clicking here.

While in prison Roberts raped two of his cellmates. He has openly admitted to additional sexual assaults on women.

The mother of the child who was raped says he is a monster. Authorities openly said it is very likely that he will do this again. Take a long and hard look at his face, and inform others through sharing this with everyone you know.

A monster has been unleashed on our children, and until he strikes again the authorities have no way of protecting them from Cory Roberts.

It is not only the mother of the child, but the Tacoma Police who are warning people to look and know this mans face. He is out, and though he has been incarcerated for more than 2 decades, he is likely to re-offend.

Due to the extreme nature of his first assult, it is very likely his next victim will not survive the next assault.

This is very serious, and as the links here show, very real. So, share this with everyone you know asking them to do the same, but not before looking real hard into the eyes of a monster in the photo above.

The big question is why is this monster walking free? One would think that it would be legal to hold him due to his mental condition being danger to anyone he comes into contact with. It is not if, but when and who he will assault again.

Roberts attorney will nor make a comment though numerous attempts have been made for a statement. This dangeroud predator and child rapist is said to be moving into a halfway house located on the 7200 block of South Fawcett Avenue in Tacoma.

Note that the look in his eyes alone obviously shows pent up rage barley contained.

Again, please circulate this photo and article so that as many people can stay safe as possible. Until the inevitable happens, the devil will walk among us in the flesh of this horrible and despicable excuse for a man.

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