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Baby proofing products: Cable Sash TM

Cable Sash can help control cord chaos and protect little ones and pets
Cable Sash can help control cord chaos and protect little ones and pets

Baby proofing the home is one way to keep your little ones safe. Even when you look away in an instant, your child could be getting into something dangerous or unhealthy. Even before your infant starts crawling or walking, it’s a good idea to start taking the steps to properly baby proof your home.

One area of concern is the living room where there may be tons of cords from the TV, DVD player, and other electronics in the area. A great way to gather these cords and keep them from curious fingers is by using the Cable Organizer Cable Sash. This is a great tool for keeping cords together and out of reach, especially in areas such as offices and home entertaining areas. These are made with outdoor-grade nylon fabric for durability, and are made to fasten around several cords using hook-and-loop material, then can be tightened on each end to keep it in place. This is a perfect way to keep multiple cables organized, attractive, and out of reach for children and pets.

Additionally, many parents are also aware of the many baby proofing products available through Safety1st. From door latches to corner cushions and outlet covers, this company has parents covered when it comes to affordable solutions for protection. In fact, I’ve got a giveaway for my readers! I’m giving away a package of brand new Safety1st baby proofing products via my Facebook page—see specifics below.

Safety1st product giveaway includes a Swivel Outlet Cover (1), Wide Grip Latches (14 pack), Ultra Clear Plug Protectors (12 pack), and Furniture Corner Cushions (4 pack). Just visit the Omaha Moms Facebook page, like it, and check out the contest photo instructions posted today. I will pick a winner on March 1st and mail out the package of baby proofing supplies!