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Baby polar bear at he Toronto Zoo reaches two and a half month milestone

So the two and a half month old polar bear in the Toronto Zoo is now an internet sensation. Once seeing the video, it is easy to recall Disney’s Bambi when he first walked on the ice. There is something about the innocence of a baby animal that brings out the “awww” in many people.

But if in Toronto, just go see the polar bear although it wouldn’t be surprising if the wait was a bit long to get a good shot of his cuteness due to his fame. So don’t forget the other animals! There are over 5000 animals at the Toronto Zoo that represent all regions of the world ranging from the African rainforest to the tundra.

Admission to the zoo is twenty three Canadian dollars, but parking is an additional ten Canadian dollars. Since the zoo is accessible via public transportation, save a few bucks and take public transportation. In the meantime watch the polar bear cub grow with the Toronto Zoo polar bear update page.

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