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Baby pig rodeo at Ninety Six High School draws parental ire of animal cruelty

Charlotte will now be "pig pals" with another rescue pig Wilbur.
Charlotte will now be "pig pals" with another rescue pig Wilbur.
Big Oaks Rescue Farm Facebook

A pig rodeo at South Carolina's Ninety Six High School and Edgewood Middle School drew intense criticism and parental outrage on Thursday as social media buzzed with allegations of animal cruelty, children crying, and teachers and administrators participating in chasing a young pig in a small enclosure reported Fox

Tempers flared when reports started flying in when parents and students claimed the pig was inappropriately handled during the rodeo, as it was "lifted shoulder height and spiked like a football" and "by the end of the ordeal, the pig could no longer walk." Others stated the pig's legs were broken as students poked her to get up.

Greenwood District 52 Superintendent Dr. Mark Peterson was alleged to have participated in chasing the pig around the small enclosure in the school's gym.

On Friday, animal advocate Joe Mann brought the pig to the Chinquapin Animal Hospital where it was confirmed the pig named Charlotte had minor injuries, but no broken bones.

Some angry parents have alleged Charlotte is not the pig in the rodeo and another pig was substituted.

Charlotte is currently settling in at the Big Oaks Rescue Farm located in Greenwood, and the organization's Facebook page stated:

"Big Oaks Rescue Farm -I picked the pig up this morning and she has been released to us. Paula Watkins, DMV, Chinquapin Animal Hospital has x-rayed and examined her this morning and found no broken bones, however did sustain bruising and soft tissue injuries. It has been rumored that this is not the same pig, but I disagree and have no doubts that this is the same pig. We have named her Charlotte. Joe"

Peterson has since apologized for the event stating:

"I can assure you that this activity will not be scheduled in the future. If I have offended anyone, I certainly apologize."

Some parents are calling for animal cruelty charges against the superintendent while others have asked for him to be fired.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is calming down, and will have another rescue pig named Wilbur at Big Oaks Rescue Farm to pal around with and bond. Pigs are known to be extremely smart, but let's hope Charlotte forgets the day she was part of a "pig rodeo."

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