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Baby "Peanut" Bradley, born at 29 weeks, needs his mom with him

Baby "Peanut" Bradley needs his mom with him
Baby "Peanut" Bradley needs his mom with him
A Miracle for Baby Peanut

This tiny precious soul, born prematurely, needs financial assistance so his mom can stay with him. A GoFundMe webpage has been set up in his behalf.

Bradley is the son of Leslie Beinz of Chicago. That Bradley is even alive in the first place is nothing short of a miracle. Leslie overcame a misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis, as well as a near death experience. She wasn't sure she could even bear children.

Bradley was born when his mom was only 29 weeks pregnant, due to Leslie being diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. This is is a life-threatening liver disorder thought to be a type of severe preeclampsia. It is characterized by destruction of red blood cells, elevated liver enzymes (which indicate liver damage), and a low platelet count.

Little Bradley reached 2 pounds only a week ago, with Leslie by his side. Right now he's facing open heart surgery once he becomes strong enough, as he was born with a congenital heart defect.

The doctor's are taking excellent care of baby Bradley, and while there are programs out there to help newborns with expensive medical care, there's nothing to help with the expense of keeping his mom by his side.

Leslie needs to be able to remain by her baby boy, and the GoFundMe account was set up by her friend Michele Diane Ussery on March 10 to help with that. Please consider a small donation to make this happen.

Your donation will go to help a little life and his family. You can even keep track of Baby Bradley and his progress through updates, a service offered when a family uses GoFundMe.

Please keep Bradley in your thoughts and prayers. He has a long way to go, but he's a determined little guy. A miracle baby who wants to survive, and having his mom by his side goes on long way on his road to a normal life.

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