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Baby on Georgia Highway 72 rescued after crawling 1/4 mile from home

11 Alive screen shot
11 Alive screen shot
When a man saw a baby crawling along a Georgia highway he had to do a double-take. The baby he found had crawled a quarter of a mile away from her home. The child's father was arrested.

A baby crawling along the side of a Georgia highway is not a sight you would ever expect to see, but what Bryant Collins saw out of the corner of his eye, was indeed an baby crawling along a busy roadway. He couldn't believe his eyes once he stopped and scooped up this tiny little girl with a head of golden-red curls.

According to People Magazine on June 17, Collins immediately called 911, but he had to wait nearly two hours for the emergency response people to get to him. During that time the little girl was crying and all he could do was sing gospel music to the child to sooth her. He said gospel music works to calm him down, so he tried it with the baby girl and it worked.

The little girl had crawled almost a quarter of a mile from her home and made it along the side of the road of Georgia's Highway 72. To get to the highway this baby had to crawl through the woods, she also fell down a highway embankment to end up where she was when Collins found her, reports Fox News.

The baby wasn't seriously hurt, but she did have cuts and scrapes, along with plenty of bug bites. Madison County Sheriff Kim Thomas said that it is "almost a miracle" that the baby wasn't injured on this long and dangerous journey for a baby to take alone.

Timothy Pickens, the girl's father, has been arrested and the child's mother may also face charges. How do you not know that your 15-month-old child is gone for that long? Thankfully Collins came along when he did.

Collins was on his way to help a stranded vehicle when the baby popped into his view. He said he took a "double take." Collins is happy that he was in the right place at the right time. Your mind starts to wander into the dark scenarios that could have happened if the baby wasn't spotted by Collins.

Collins told reporters he was an ex-con who did 10 years in prison for cocaine manufacturing and he's been out and drug free for the last five years. He said to the reporters later, "It made me feel good that I could be in society and do good. Just as well as you can do bad, you can do good, you know?"

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