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Baby Olivia's mother speaks out and calls for action; lawsuit will be filed

Rachel Melancon expecting healthy baby girl.
Rachel Melancon expecting healthy baby girl.
Rachel Melancon

Rachel Melancon released a statement yesterday evening saying, "I want to explain the point that Allen Coats and I are trying to make; We are not saying because of one tragic event that forceps should be banned."

"We are saying that we know the risks, and the bad out weigh the good." She went on to say, "Just like mothers have the choice of using medicine during labor or not using medicine, we should at least get the option of using a metal tool or c-section."

Both Olivia's funeral and balloon release proved that the community stands behind this young couple and supports them through their tragic loss. They are still accepting donations to fund their battle to get The Olivia Law to legislation.

Olivia's parents released a letter to their daughter via Facebook saying, "We are so so so so happy with the turnout of the funeral. So many people came and donated and gave us support. We are standing here at peace because all of you! Y'all are truly carrying our pain in y'all's heart. The balloon release was the most beautiful thing ever!"

They are fighting to have The Olivia Law recognized offering mothers choices in the delivery room concerning the method of assistance they receive or the option of surgical assistance.

Many would like to see forceps banned all together deeming it as an unnecessary, outdated and barbaric means of delivery.

Tracey Gamble left a message the Olivia Marie Coats Facebook page saying, "I also lost my little boy in April 2012 due to the doctor using excessive force with forceps and he cracked he skull and caused him to be brain dead." She went on to say that " if they would have just given me a c section first my boy would gave been hear today."

Many other stories of horrific assisted birth injuries and deaths are being sent to the family, all of which will help in the fight to get The Olivia Law recognized. If you have a testimony letter of your own with forceps injury to your baby, please send a mail to the following address.

Allen Coats

PO Box 1063

Bridge City, TX 77611

A lawsuit has been filed by the family against the doctor who ignored requests for surgical intervention and used the forceps instead. There is now a petition on in place to help get The Olivia Law passed.

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