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Baby monitor hacked: Creep screams 'Wake up baby' over monitor hacked in nursery

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Another baby monitor is hacked and once again the culprit wakes up an entire family when he starts screaming. This time a creep targets a family's 10-month old baby girl who is fast asleep in her crib when he starts screaming “Wake up baby!”

If that wasn’t creepy enough, when the parents ran into the baby’s room they saw the camera on the baby monitor moving and they were not the ones who were doing this, according to Fox News on April 28. This voyeur was moving their camera remotely, from his location, where ever that might be.

The Schreck's family's baby is sound asleep, as is the rest of the people in the household. The only sounds heard in the middle of the night are the ecliptic noises that their house makes.

Those noises come from things like a dripping faucet, the ticking of a clock and the refrigerator condenser quietly kicking in. A man’s voice screaming from their infant’s room breaks that safety of ordinary noises and sends jolts of terror through the parents.

Along with the “Wake up baby,” the man started to just let out an on-going scream. Adam and Heather Schreck appeared on “Fox and Friends” live on Tuesday morning and Heather Schreck said the man had started swearing by the time she got to the monitor to unplug it.

This Cincinnati, Ohio couple felt violated after this voyeuristic hacker honed in on their child. This baby monitor cost the couple about $200 and it offers the luxury of being able to keep an eye on the baby if you are in another room or even outside. The baby’s room is monitored using an Internet browser or smartphone.

According to the New York Daily News today, this Internet-enabled baby monitor is a popular device for parents today. For the Schreck’s, they used the monitor to listen to their baby as she slept in the nursery during the night.

This isn’t the first time a baby monitor hacker has made headline news. The same thing happened in Houston, Texas to the Gilbert family back in August. Their baby daughter’s name is Allyson and her name was on a name plate above the crib, so their hacker saw this over the baby monitor camera. This gave him the opportunity to call out the baby by name.

Marc Gilbert said he woke up hearing a man yelling at his daughter “Wake up Allyson, you little (expletive)!” The monitors that were hacked in both the Ohio and Texas incidents were made by Foscam. This company was contacted by NBC News, but the company did not respond.