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Baby-making pressure to blame for Chael Sonnen's failed drug test?

UFC light heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen (28-14-1) has been knocked out of his UFC 175 fight against Vitor Belfort due to a failed drug test, according to a June 9 report from ESPN. Sonnen, 37, was randomly tested last month while attending a UFC media event in Las Vegas, and two banned substances were found in his system. Sonnen, who had previously been approved for the use of TRT in the state of Nevada, tested positive for anastrozole and clomiphene.

Chael Sonnen was knocked off UFC 175 due to a failed drug test
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One of the substances he tested positive for treats early stages of breast cancer, and the other is used in cases of female infertility. Neither one is considered a performance-enhancer. In fact, one is an estrogen-blocker, which could possibly hurt performance in the cage. Sonnen says the estrogen-blocker could make him bloat and make his skin break out, so they clearly aren't helpful inside the Octagon. Nevertheless, Sonnen is out of his fight against Belfort at UFC 175.

Now that the results have been disclosed, all that's left for UFC fans to talk about is the fight that could have been. Sonnen vs. Belfort had the potential to be a "Fight of the Night" contender, due to the exciting styles both men bring to the table. Is Sonnen to blame for the failed drug test? Absolutely not. The real blame falls on society for its relentless pressure on couples to have children.

Here's the thing: Sonnen recently got married and he was on medicine to get fertile in order to have the ability to impregnate his wife. As most UFC fans know by now, the Oregon superstar was diagnosed with hypogonadism in 2008, resulting in a low level of testosterone. He needed to take medicine in order to be fertile enough to get his wife pregnant, and UFC President Dana White revealed that the substances worked.

White told Fox Sports 1 that Sonnen's wife is now pregnant, and she wouldn't have been had the hard-hitting slugger not taken the banned substances. Sonnen should have never been in the position to choose between his home life and the sport he competes in. So where does society's baby-making pressure play in to all of this? Sonnen is 37 years old, so he's no spring chicken.

He's married to Brittany Smith, a model who also hails from Oregon. Sonnen wouldn't have needed to take the two banned substances that got him booted off the UFC 175 card, had he not needed to get his wife pregnant. Clearly this shows that society's pressure to have a baby is the real reason why Sonnen failed the drug test. No word yet on which fighters will be stepping into the UFC 175 co-main to take Sonnen and Belfort's places.

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