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Baby left in subway video: Mother exits subway car with baby, gets back on alone

A baby was found alone and abandoned on a NYC subway platform on Monday after video from surveillance cameras showed that a woman just left the child there before getting back on the subway alone. The woman pushed the baby in a stroller out of a subway car onto the 59th Street Columbus Circle Station platform in Manhattan and then jumped back on the number one train, leaving the baby behind, according to ABC News live on July 8.

A baby abandoned by her mother in a NYC subway station has been found and charged with abandoning her baby.

A concerned passenger, who had been on the same train as the mother and the baby, saw the baby sitting on the platform in her stroller, at about 12:30 a.m., but she saw the mother still inside of the train which was leaving the station. When the mother didn’t return after about 20 minutes, she called the police. Catherine Boursier stayed with the baby after making the 911 call until the police arrived and took custody of the child, according to MSN News.

The mother of the baby, Frankea Dabbs, 20, was arrested not too far from where she left her baby the day before. Police had released pictures of the mother from the video surveillance cameras in the subway. They also released pictures of the child in the stroller in hopes of someone recognizing her. They got a call when someone spotted the woman the next day after seeing the pictures released by NYCD.

She told police that she left the 10-month old infant there because it was a “safe public space,” said NYPD spokesperson Stephen Davis. Dabbs is homeless and said she could no longer care for the baby. The father of the baby had died recently in Calif. The last known address for Dabbs was in Raleigh, N.C., but the identification that she was carrying with her indicated that she was from Calif.

It was revealed that the young mother had an active warrant in N.C. for possession of marijuana. She said she had arrived in NYC on June 2 and was living on the streets.

Police charged the 20-year-old today with abandoning a child and committing actions injurious to a child less than the age of 17. Many states have Safe Haven laws, but this would not have done this mother any good.

Many states allow a baby under 30 days old to be dropped off at a hospital, fire department or police department without any questions asked under this law. New Mexico offers this law to babies up to 90 days old, but that is about it, there is no Safe Haven Law that would cover a child of 10-months old, as seen on the nations Safe Haven Law data base website.

Still, if the mother was feeling that overwhelmed and not able to care for the child, she should have taken the baby’s safety into consideration and left her at a hospital emergency room. The baby was taken to a Roosevelt Hospital where she checked out fine. The child did not show any signs of trauma.

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