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Mom in hot car death: Plot thickens as mom joined dad in 'hot car death' search

Both parents of Cooper Harris searched online for child deaths in hot car.
Both parents of Cooper Harris searched online for child deaths in hot car.
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The father who left his 22-month-old baby in a hot car is in jail facing the charge of murder because police believe he purposely did this. Now the mother is under investigation after police find that both parents of this baby had previously searched online for how long it takes for a child to die in a hot car, according to News 11 Alive on June 29.

New search warrants released today state that Leanna Harris, the dead baby’s mother also admitted to researching online for information on the time it takes for a child to die in a hot car online. She also admitted to researching “how it occurs.”

The warrant was for items that police removed from the couples’ home and car. Basically the police took all the items the couple own that they can access the Internet with such as, a Dell Computer Tower, Google Chrome Cast, McBook Pro Laptop, a Lenovo T530 Think Pad, an Apple MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad.

Cooper Harris died inside a car while his father went to work for more than seven hours. Justin Harris is charged in the murder of his son and child cruelty. Harris said he forgot that the child was with him.

This case got more bizarre when it was learned that he had taken the baby out for breakfast just before going to work. He then drove to work just a half of a mile away. Harris also went out to his car during his lunch hour and was seen opening the driver's side door, according to CNN News. How could he not know the baby was still in his car seat?

Harris was denied his request to attend his son’s funeral, but he spoke via speaker phone at the funeral proceedings. He thanked the crowd of 200 for everything they’ve done and he said that he was sorry he wasn’t there.

When police spoke with Leanna Harris, she too said that she had researched the same thing that her husband did. She researched the details around children dying from the heat while inside a car. This search also included how this happens.

Justin Harris said those searches were out of precaution, so he could guard against that happening to his family. Apparently between the two parents, there was quite a bit of research done on this subject, which you can just imagine what police are thinking after finding this.

It seems as if others are also thinking the worst because an online petition was taken down in Harris’s defense. The petition asked for the murder charges on the baby’s father to be dropped, but after people got wind of the Internet searches done by the father of the baby, the took the petition down, according to Hollywood Life.

This case is getting more gruesome by the minute, as police are investigating both parents in this death. While sadly it is not unheard of for one parent to snap and kill a child, but parents planning together to murder their baby seems like an impossibility. It would take a sick mind for someone to kill a child, especially their own. Neither parent is described as suffering from mental illness.

Parents plotting together to end a child's life is not something that is often heard of, if at all. Kids plotting to kill their parents or one parent plotting to kill the other is something that has been seen in headline news. Investigating both Leanne and Justin Harris for the possibility that they were both in on this death is hard to fathom.

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