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Baby & kids clothing only $1 or less in Albuquerque

Thrift store shopping for kids clothing
Thrift store shopping for kids clothing
Esperanza Dodge

Raising kids does not have to be as expensive if you know where to turn for discounts to maximize your savings and still provide quality care for your children. If you don't mind second hand clothing, then you can find perfectly good outfits for every member of the family, including the kids. While hand-me-downs from family and friends is a good start for free clothing, it's only one possible resource you can turn to for discount clothing for kids and babies.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store is a clean and well-organized thrift store with plenty of selections for all ages. Best of all, their kids clothing is only $1/piece! This means you can stock up on uniforms, swim suits, jeans, shoes, onesies, dresses, tshirts and show much more for only $1 each. They also do not charge any taxes which maximizes your savings. Their thrift store is located at 4120 Menaul Blvd. NE, just east of Carlisle.

How about kids clothing for only a quarter a piece? Now this sale is not advertised or highly promoted because it is a little chaotic and not organized by clothing size. For those who know about it, its a really great deal to get a lot of clothing for less. Other Mother's has a "Quarter sale" every Friday from 9:30-2pm at the East Side store and 9:30-3:00 on Saturdays at the West Side store. They are a discount baby and kids clothing store that buys clothes from other parents. Sometimes the parents donate clothing and this is then sold in the Quarter sale. See their site for locations and check out other ways you can save big at their store.

If you prefer free clothing, then join in which you can post requests for free items, post your own items for others to pick up and check out posts from others in which you can request items. Remember that it is best you equally give as much as you request, so try and keep it even. There are many baby and kids items and clothing up for grabs here.