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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

A couple more days of this and I'll make it to work!
A couple more days of this and I'll make it to work!

In light of the fact that some of us live in less-than-ideal climates this time of year, let me attempt to make this as clear as I can to certain bosses who get unreasonable about attendance:

Get a grip. There are some places where your staff IS essential personnel. Fire department, police departments, ambulance services, utility workers, and dispatchers for all of the above, yes. Very essential.


But accountants? Buyers? Administrative assistants? Collection agents? Gimme a break! If it’s unsafe for schoolchildren to wait outside to board a bus, then it’s no safer for your employees to take stupid risks just to make YOU happy! Unless, of course, you really dig being sued….

When you have an employee make it in even in the worst of conditions, you’d better be ready to treat them to something that’ll keep ‘em going---after all, they’re going to be shouldering a ton of work. Buy lunch, get them a cup of cocoa, a glass of ice water, spell them for awhile on the phones while they make a pit stop.

And don’t get all grumpy because nobody else showed up; be grateful somebody did!

Got four-wheel-drive? Use it to go pick somebody else up and take them home later. Keep a cot handy in case somebody needs to sleep over. Keep the office temperature comfy for everybody, not just you. Don’t let the lights get too harsh. Keep some soft music playing in the background to soothe frayed nerves. Monitor the weather reports.

This isn’t rocket science, people.



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