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Baby internally decapitated at birth by forceps: Parents fight to ban tool

A newborn internally decapitated with forceps during birth is the focus of an effort to ban the tool traditionally used for decades during childbirth. According to ABC Local News on Jan. 2, Olivia Marie Coates was a beautiful healthy baby girl until the doctor used forceps during her delivery and severed her spinal cord. The infant died.

Parents of baby whose spinal cord was severed during birth when he doctor used forceps are pushing to ban the tool.
YouTube screen shot/ ABC News

This Port Arthur, Texas birth last weekend left the child with a “crushed skull and her spine twisted and severed.” Ultra sound tests and doctor’s examinations put the baby in excellent condition before the birth, but something happened that devastated the family and changed their future lives. During a C-section, it was reported that the doctor used forceps fatally injuring the baby.

The family is now pushing to ban the forceps in childbirth with a proposed law called "Olivia's Law." The forceps are used during child birth when the mother’s ability to push is diminished because she is exhausted.

According to the family's reports the baby was delivered by emergency C-section. It is not known why the forceps were introduced during the birth. The baby was born in the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. The name of the doctor who delivered baby Olivia has not been released. The baby lived a few days after she was born last Saturday, but died Wednesday, according to Chron.

Dr. J. Coffy Pietermelle, an obstetrician, who spoke with ABC News, thinks that banning the forceps might be overreacting. Under the right circumstances the forceps can be very helpful, said Pietermelle. While the hospital reviews what happened during the birth, the doctor who delivered the baby is reportedly very distraught over the death of the baby.

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