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Baby humpback rescued video: Dramatic rescue of 20-ton baby whale brings cheers

A baby humpback whale was finally rescued after a few failed attempts had the prognosis for the whale looking pretty grim. It might be a “baby” humpback whale, but it was about the size of a small bus, so moving the creature was no easy feat, according to Softpedia on July 11.

Baby humpback whale beached in Australia: Dramatic rescue caught on video!

The 15 to 20 ton whale became stranded on an Australian beach. It remained on the beach for almost two days as wildlife conservatives and marine life experts attempted to get it back out to sea. Thankfully for the whale, when they were met with one failed attempt after another they just wouldn't give up.

It was Wednesday when the 26-foot whale was first discovered and the first attempts at setting the whale free by this group were to no avail. Night fell, so the rescue attempt was put on hold until the morning light. After some more thought and calculations, they were hoping to set the whale free on Thursday.

The whale was kept cool and dosed with water by the staff from SeaWorld Australia. It is not known why the whale beached itself, although it could have an underlying medical condition that the marine experts missed, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

According to NDTV, the whale, which was about two years old, drew a crowd of a couple of hundred to Queensland’s Palm Beach to watch the rescue attempt. With its body resting on sand, the whale could go nowhere. The rescuers were able to get it back into the water on one of the first attempts made, but the whale became stuck on a sandbar and was in the same situation as it was on the beach.

With a little bit of luck and a lot of creativeness, Sea World Australia conservationist and citizen wildlife enthusiasts manage to concoct a halter that allowed a boat to gently pull the whale back out to sea without harming the creature at all. The director of SeaWorld’s marine services, Trever Long, said that the whale “looks in good condition” despite being beached for 36 hours. He also said he seems “robust enough” to survive this ordeal.

The rescuers on the boat were able to guide the baby humpback out to sea where they are hoping she meets up with her pod and continues with the migration that whales embark on this time of year. This is a yearly trek for the creatures, the humpback whales travel from the Antarctica all the way down south to the Great Barrier Reef.

The experts from SeaWorld Australia thought that the whale likely became stranded while making this journey with other whales. As news of the whale on the beach spread, more and more people came out to see what fate held in store for the baby creature.

When the whale was finally pulled into water where it could swim once again, that is exactly what it did. While there’s no way to tell from just looking at a whale what kind of mood it is in, the actions of the whale once it realized it could swim again could only be described as it was demonstrating sheer happiness!

As for the rescuers and the spectators on the beach, there was no doubt that the elation spread pretty quickly once that whale showed signs of heading back out to sea, just listen to them on the video! The cheers and applause for the whale’s new prognosis was overwhelming.

You can watch the dramatic humpback whale rescue in the video above. Then watch as the crowd on the beach shares their overwhelming happiness with cheers!

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